How To Get a Notarized Affidavit Hassle-Free

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How To Get a Notarized Affidavit Hassle-Free

Documents such as wills, trusts, affidavits, and real estate deeds aren’t valid until you have them notarized. If you’d like to find out how to get a notarized affidavit, DoNotPay is here to help you out. We will tell you how to draw up and notarize a document in a snap without visiting the notary’s office.

What Is a Notarized Affidavit?

If you want to swear or affirm that a certain fact is true, you need to write a statement—called affidavit—and have it notarized. You can use an affidavit to:

  • Approve valuable info during court proceedings
  • Prove your relationship with a departed individual
  • Purchase real estate
  • Verify your finances upon a request from a bank or a judge

Affidavits must get notarized to be valid in court. Notarization proves that the affiant:

  • Appeared and signed the document before a notary public
  • Was aware of the contents of the document
  • Signed the document of his or her own free will

How Many Types of Affidavits Are There?

There are numerous types of affidavits used for various purposes. The following table offers an overview of the most common affidavit types:

Affidavit Types


Affidavit of HeirshipVerifies that the affiant had a familial relationship with the departed individual. The affidavit of heirship can make the entire process of property distribution much quicker
Affidavit of TitleProves that the seller of real estate:
  • Owns the property in question
  • Isn’t undergoing bankruptcy

The affidavit of title is used to protect the buyer and ensure he or she is the only recipient of the property

Affidavit of ServiceConfirms that the recipient who’s been served was given the necessary documents that summon them to appear in court
Affidavit of ResidenceVerifies that the affiant lived at the stated address. Since public school placement or college tuition rates are determined by your housing zone, the affidavit of residence is obligatory in those cases
Financial AffidavitProves an individual’s current finances, such as:
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Debts
Gift AffidavitConfirms that an individual is voluntarily transferring ownership of the property to someone else as a gift
Affidavit of IdentityProves that an affiant is who he or she claims to be. Standard IDs can be falsified, and that’s why banks and other financial institutions require an affidavit of identity

How To Get an Affidavit Notarized

You can get your affidavit notarized by:

  1. Visiting:
    • A notary’s office
    • Your bank or any other financial institution
    • UPS, USPS, and other shipping service providers
    • An AAA store
  2. Hiring a traveling notary public
  3. Signing up for an online notary service

The current affidavit notarization process is one of the least favorite options for many people. Whether you decide to head over to a notary’s office, bank, AAA, or any other institution that offers notary services, the entire procedure is usually lengthy. Traditional notarization includes the following steps:

  1. Searching for a notary
  2. Setting up an appointment
  3. Bringing the document to the notary’s office
  4. Providing your ID for identity verification
  5. Paying the notary fees
  6. Swearing that your statement is true
  7. Singing the contract in front of the notary
  8. Waiting for the notary to write a certificate, sign the contract, and seal it

Hiring a mobile notary can help you save time since the notary will come to your preferred location. While practical, this method can be costly because you’ll have to cover the notary’s travel fees.

Using one of the online notary services is the quickest and most convenient way to get your affidavit notarized.

The Most Efficient Way To Get a Notarized Affidavit Is With DoNotPay

Most platforms charge a lot of money for only one document, which can be an issue if you need notary services frequently. DoNotPay offers an equally practical yet budget-friendly solution for notarizing affidavits in Ohio, Georgia, California, New York, or any other state. Our feature will help you get any document notarized remotely from any device.

If you want to have your affidavit notarized in a few clicks, open and do the following:

  1. Pick the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Provide your email address
  3. Open the email we send you and click on the link

You will be able to schedule a virtual appointment with a remote notary any day of the week. The notary public will witness your signature over a video call and verify the signature’s authenticity with a notarial certificate.

DoNotPay—An Affordable Way To Write Any Document in a Few Minutes

Besides assisting you in getting your affidavits or any other documents notarized hassle-free, DoNotPay can also help you create them with our Document feature. If you’d like to draw up contracts without paying a pretty penny, sign in to your account and follow these steps:

  1. Type in the name of the document you want to create
  2. Answer our questions
  3. Download the document

DoNotPay enables you to draw up a document and have it notarized through the same app. The following list shows some of the agreements you can create in under five minutes with our help:

  • Intent To Purchase Real Estate
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Estoppel Certificate
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Bill of Sale
  • General Affidavit
  • General Business Contract
  • Promissory Note
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • LLC Operating Rules Document
  • Child Care Authorization Form
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Child Custody

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