The Best Way To Find an Indiana Notary

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Finding an Indiana Notary Has Never Been Easier

When you draft a document—an affidavit or power of attorney— and find out it needs to be notarized, it may seem like a fuss, but it doesn’t have to be. The days of flipping through a phonebook, calling to schedule, and taking the time to visit a notary are long gone. You have different options now. This article will walk you through notarizing a document in Indiana and suggest the best way of booking an Indiana notary—DoNotPay!

Notarization in the Hoosier State Explained

A notary is a person who is authorized to witness signatures and provide different notarial acts, such as:

  1. Taking an acknowledgment
  2. Administering an affirmation or oath
  3. Taking a verification on an oath or affirmation
  4. Attesting to or certifying a copy

Typically, notarization consists of the following steps:



Verifying the signer’s identityThe signer must bring their ID to the notary appointment and be prepared to answer a few questions to prove their identity
Determining the willingness to sign the documentThe notary must conclude that the signer understands the content of the document and is signing it out of their own free will
Ensuring the signer is of sound mindThe notary could refuse to notarize a document if the signer is intoxicated or mentally unstable
Witnessing the signingThe signer signs their document in the presence of the notary
Signing the documentThe notary adds their signature and a seal

How To Do an Indiana Notary Search on Your Own

Certain offices and businesses employ notaries who can provide notary services. Sometimes, you already have to be a client, but that's not always the case. You can try contacting or visiting the following places and inquiring about notary services:

You can also try googling or using notary search websites, such as 123notary or Notary Public Stamps. The required search steps are typically the following:

  1. Type in your location
  2. Adjust the filters
  3. Pick a notary
  4. Contact them to make an appointment
  5. Bring your ID or other identification documents and the document you want to notarize

With DoNotPay, the process is much easier! We’ll do all the work and match you with a notary while you get to relax and get a document notarized from the comfort of your home! If you want to get something notarized right away, !

Different Types of Notaries in Indiana

Aside from the traditional notaries who offer an in-person notary service where they notarize paper documents, there are other types as well, including:

There are also notary signing agents who notarize loan documents. They also assist their clients in the final steps of the loan process.

Can an Indiana Notary Public Perform Online Notarization?

Since 2019, notaries in Indiana have been allowed to become online notaries.

A remote online notarization includes a notarial act that is performed online between a notary who is in Indiana and a signer who can be anywhere. The notary needs to use a real-time, two-way, visual and auditory communication platform.

During online notarization, the notary must identify the signer by using a three-step identification process:

  1. Inspection of the signer’s ID—the signer presents their ID, and the notary inspects it and compares the photo to the signer
  2. Credential analysis—the remote technology system takes a picture of the ID to determine whether it’s fake
  3. Knowledge-based authentication assessment—the notary asks the signer a series of questions to verify their identity

The rest of the notarization process is the same as any other—the signer shows that they’re signing a document willingly and with a sound mind. The notary witnesses the signing and adds their digital signature and seal.

Use DoNotPay To Get a Document Notarized by a Notary Public in Indiana

If you'd like to notarize your document remotely, our app is the way to go! Here’s how to schedule an appointment with an online notary using DoNotPay:

  1. Open our app and
  2. Enter Notarize Any Document after logging in
  3. Upload the document you need to notarize
  4. Type in your email address

We will send you an email with a link that will guide you through making your appointment at your earliest convenience.

Once you sign up for DoNotPay to notarize a document, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of all our other tools—for example, drawing up documents and faxing them with our assistance.

How Much Do Indiana Notaries Charge for Their Services?

In Indiana, notaries can charge up to $10 per signature for all notarial acts except for online notarization. Aside from notary fees, notaries can charge for their travel expenses, which may not exceed the federal travel fees established by the United States General Services Administration.

Remote online notaries may charge up to $25 for each notarial act. They can also charge fees for providing copies of electronic journal entries and recordings of online notarization.

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