Can You Just Write a Will and Get It Notarized?

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Can You Just Write a Will and Get It Notarized—Find Out!

Writing a will can be complicated. You need to follow certain state rules and make sure your will falsely valid. Does a will require witnesses or notarization or both? This article will clear everything up so that you don’t have to wonder, “Can you just write a will and get it notarized?” We will also break down notarizing a document and show you how our app makes online notarization easy and convenient.

Does a Will Have To Be Notarized?

Once you pass away, your family and friends you leave your estate to will run into problems if your will is invalid. If you have written your will properly following the state laws and had the necessary witnesses—typically two—you don’t have to notarize it.

When the court starts processing your will, it could call upon your witnesses. If they moved or died, having a notarized will can help prove its validity. In case someone wants to contest your will, notarization can act as protection.

If you want your witnesses to sign a self-proving affidavit, you’ll need a notary. A self-proving affidavit is an additional document besides the will. By signing it, witnesses swear in front of a notary that they witnessed the signing of a will and that they attest to all the statements listed above their signatures. A notary will notarize the affidavit with a notary signature and seal.

Can a Will Be Notarized Instead of Witnessed?

All states except for Colorado and North Dakota forbid will-makers from notarizing a will instead of having witnesses.

Who Can Notarize a Will?

Wills are sensitive and intricate documents. This is why most states discourage newly appointed notaries from notarizing wills. Some offices and institutions—such as banks—that offer notary services may refuse to notarize wills.

If you’re looking for a notary on your own, you should tell them you want to notarize a will before booking an appointment to avoid being disappointed later in case they tell you they cannot do it.

Types of notaries that may be able to notarize wills are:

  1. Regular notaries—notarizing paper documents in person at their offices
  2. Mobile notaries—visiting the clients to perform notarial acts
  3. Online notaries—notarizing documents online via a video call
  4. Electronic notaries—notarizing electronic documents in person

Where Can I Get a Will Notarized?

You can look for notaries who are able to notarize your will in the following ways:


Websites dedicated to notaries

Public places

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Notarize a Will With the Help of DoNotPay

Our app is a secure and convenient way of notarizing documents, including wills. The advantages of using DoNotPay for notarization are numerous, such as:

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