Utah Notary Services Explained

Notarize Documents Utah Notary Services Explained

A Rundown on Utah Notary Services

Notarization in Utah requires a lot of hard work, starting from finding a suitable notary to obtaining their signature

If you are wondering whether it is possible to make the notarization procedure easier, this article will solve all your dilemmas. 

We will explain the way Utah notary services function and provide a great method of notarizing your forms, contracts, and affidavits fast and hassle-free!

What Notary Services Does Utah Offer?

There are several available notary service options in Utah, and they are listed in the table that follows:

Notary CategoryDetails
Standard notaries
  • They operate within banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions
  • Many of them have independent offices
  • In-person appointments are required
Online notaries
  • Online notaries schedule virtual appointments to notarize your documents
  • They use a digital signature and seal
  • You may need to create a specific account where you can upload the document
Mobile notaries
  • Mobile officials come to your home address or any other preferred location
  • Their services may require additional costs covering traveling expenses
Notary signing agents
  • They often cover financial documents related to loans, mortgages, etc.
  • You get a detailed explanation of the notarization procedure from them
  • They are usually more costly than regular notaries

How Does a Notary in Utah Validate Your Documents?

Here’s what the regular notarization procedure in Utah looks like:

  1. The signer must visit the office bringing the original document and a valid identification—passport, ID, driver’s license, military identification card, etc. 
  2. After confirming the signer’s identity, the notary must revise the document and check if:
    • Everything stated in it aligns with state laws
    • There are no blank spaces or technical errors
    • The document contains incorrect or outdated information
  3. You must confirm that no one forces you to sign the document, and the official must confirm that you aren’t under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications
  4. The notary must witness the signing and provide their signature and seal. Once it’s done, your document becomes valid
  5. Utah notaries must complete a notary journal by outlining the essential details about the procedure

How Much Do Notary Services in Utah Cost?

Most notary fees in Utah depend on the required number of signatures. Check out the details in the table below:

Jurats$5 per signature
Acknowledgments$5 per signature
Certified copies$5 per page
Oaths or Affirmations with no signature$5
Immigration forms$5 per set

Have All Your Documents Notarized Fast With DoNotPay

Finding a good notary in your vicinity may not be difficult, but the rest of the notarization procedure is long and daunting. You must take care of every step, such as arranging a meeting with a notary or ensuring a proper document structure. 

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The following table shows the list of all legal document templates we offer and other handy contract-related articles you can find in our learning center:

Available Legal Document Templates Useful Legal Document Guides

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