Remove Financial Barriers With the University of Alabama Out-of-State Scholarship Program

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The University of Alabama Out-of-State Scholarship Program—An In-Depth Analysis

The University of Alabama (UA) is ranked among the top 2% of colleges in the world, which makes it a popular study destination for out-of-state students. If you analyze UA’s annual tuition costs and average student boarding, transportation, and living expenses, you’ll find that out-of-state students have to pay almost three times more than in-state ones!

A University of Alabama out-of-state scholarship gives you the much-needed help to reduce tuition expenses and increase your financial aid benefits. In this article, we will dive into the requirements for UA out-of-state scholarships and also look into other relevant funding opportunities.

Types of University of Alabama Out-of-State Scholarships

High school seniors or graduates—who apply for an undergraduate course at the University of Alabama—will be considered out-of-state students for admission purposes if they are:

Currently, the University of Alabama automatically considers every out-of-state student for two types of college scholarships, as described in this table:

Out-of-State University of Alabama Merit Scholarships
  • UA merit scholarships and grants can be partial or full-ride and have a yearly value of $6,000–$28,000
  • The qualifying requirement is usually:
    1. GPA in the range of 3.00–3.50+
    2. SAT score between 1200–1600
    3. ACT score of 28–36
  • Examples:
    1. University of Alabama Presidential Scholarship
    2. Foundation in Excellence Scholarship
    3. Crimson Legends Scholarship
Out-of-State UA Competitive Admissions Scholarship
  • UA Competitive scholarship offers $8,000 to out-of-state students towards tuition fees
  • Students competing for this scholarship are evaluated holistically according to six criteria:

As per university policy, a student will be awarded only one of the above scholarships. If you qualify for more than one scholarship, you’ll receive the one that brings you the biggest financial benefit.

University of Alabama Transfer Scholarships for Out-of-State Students

If you are transferring to UA in your junior or sophomore year, you won’t be eligible for general merit or competitive scholarships.

Currently, transfer students who have the minimum qualifying hours of transferable coursework can apply for the following scholarships after admission:

Where Are You Transferring FromScholarship
A two-year junior or community college
  • Capstone Transfer Scholarship
  • Phi Theta Kappa Capstone Scholarship
A four-year college or university
  • Roll Tide Transfer Scholarship

These scholarships will only cover the remainder of your tuition fee, depending on the credit hours available.

University of Alabama Scholarship Application for Out-of-State Students

All out-of-state students in their freshmen year are automatically considered for the relevant scholarships once they submit the following to the administration:

  1. A copy of the UA admission application
  2. Official transcript outlining their past performance from:
    1. Highschool (for fresh college applicants)
    2. All public or private schools and colleges attended (for transfer students)
  3. ACT and SAT score certificates
  4. Your resume and recommendation letters (optional)

The existing out-of-state grants or scholarships are strictly merit-based, so students from a low-income group shouldn’t expect any preference here.

Understand the University of Alabama Scholarship Deadline

UA’s scholarship deadline depends on the cut-off dates of admissions in the spring or fall/summer semester.

The cut-off dates may change each year—the current ones are:

SpingNovember 1
Fall/SummerJanuary 15

The university evaluates scholarship applicants three times during the year. You will be considered for the first round of scholarships only if you are admitted for the spring semester. Many scholarships are exhausted in the first round, so it’s better to stick to the spring admission deadline.

Students enrolled for the fall/summer semester will be considered for the residual scholarships in the second and third rounds.

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Don’t Ignore Other University of Alabama Academic and Diversity Scholarships

University of Alabama’s out-of-state scholarships are only focused on new admissions. If you fail to win or qualify for them, don’t lose hope. You can still apply for academic and diversity scholarships at the university.

Based on your choice of major, you can find academic scholarships for fields such as:

UA’s diversity scholarships cater to the needs of underrepresented minority students from ethnic or religious groups, like Hispanics, Filipinos, Indians, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Catholics, or Jews.

If you have a parent or grandparent who was a UA college or grad school student, you can also apply for the university’s Alumni Scholarship Program.

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