A Quick Guide on Scholarships—Requirement Guidelines You Should Know About

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Getting Familiar With Scholarships—Requirement Guidelines You Should Be Aware Of

A scholarship is a type of non-repayable financial aid given to a student to help them pay for college or grad school. Some students are awarded scholarships for their academic achievements, while others are rewarded based on demonstrated financial need.

Before applying for certain scholarships and grants, you should check all the requirements to ensure you’re qualified to receive the award.

Read this comprehensive guide DoNotPay has prepared for you and find out all there is to know about scholarship requirements.

What Are Some Typical Scholarship Requirements?

Each scholarship has its set of requirements, but there are some universal ones, such as the following:

  • Maintaining a certain GPA
  • Enrolling in a minimum number of course hours or full-time enrollment
  • Filling out an application form
  • Writing a scholarship essay
  • Having one to three letters of recommendation
  • Being of a certain age
  • Passing a scholarship interview

Student Aid Categories Based on College Scholarship Requirements

Based on requirements, scholarships can be divided into nine groups. Check them out in the table below:

Scholarships TypesDescription
Academic scholarshipsSuch scholarships are entirely focused on excellence in schooling, considering your:
  1. GPA
  2. Test scores
Merit scholarshipsTo qualify for merit scholarships, you have to boast exceptional academic achievements or exceptional performance in sports, arts, etc.
Financial-need scholarshipsA majority of these scholarships require you to demonstrate financial need. You will also need to demonstrate some kind of achievement—either academic, athletic, or artistic
Scholarships based on a particular majorThese scholarships are dedicated to a particular field of study, such as:
  • STEM
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Art
  • History
Scholarships based on a particular interestIf you have an interest or hobby unrelated to your field of study, this type of scholarship is perfect for you!

There are a number of scholarships based on all kinds of students’ interests available in the U.S.

State-specific scholarshipsYou can qualify for these scholarships only if you reside in a certain state. Often, you’ll have to meet additional requirements.
University-specific scholarshipsTo qualify for such scholarships, you need to be a student at a specific university.
Scholarships based on extracurricular activitiesThey are given to students who take part in all kinds of extracurricular activities—from school clubs to athletic teams.

Special Scholarship Requirements You May Need To Meet

There are also other scholarships that require you to fulfill additional requirements. These requirements may be:

  • Grade level (freshmen, sophomore, high school senior)
  • Citizenship status
  • Place of employment
  • Community service record
  • Employment on campus
  • Association with specific student categories such as women, military and veterans, or LGBTQ+ population

If the requirements of the scholarship you’re interested in include some restrictions, make sure you’re comfortable with them before applying. Here are a few examples of restrictions:

  • Having to live and work in a certain state after graduation
  • Not being allowed to live off-campus

International and online students can qualify for most of the scholarships regular U.S. students are eligible for but usually have to meet different requirements.

What Are Common Scholarship Retention Requirements?

Aside from requirements you need to meet before applying for a scholarship, there are additional requirements to fulfill after you win (to keep receiving the scholarship). In most cases, you’ll have to:

  1. Keep a certain GPA
  2. Stay involved in an extracurricular activity
  3. Continue to demonstrate financial need

If you accept the award but are not able to meet the requirements in the future, you may have to repay a portion or all of the money you were given.

How To Find Scholarships

Searching for scholarships and going through a sea of different requirements on your own is a difficult and time-consuming task. Many websites provide different lists of scholarships, but they are often incomplete. Apart from googling, other places where you can look for a scholarship may be:

  1. Financial aid office at your school
  2. Non-profit organizations
  3. For-profit organizations

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