Questions on Your Florida Homeschool Letter of Intent Answered by DoNotPay

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Get Ready for Class With Your Florida Homeschool Letter of Intent

If you have decided to homeschool your child in Florida, you have enough on your plate thinking about the curriculum, teaching hours, and the resources you will need.

Admin is an extra hassle, but you need to make sure you stay within the law by informing your school district of your intention to homeschool.

The process in Florida is fairly easy, and DoNotPay has all the info you need to help you draft and send your Florida homeschool letter of intent.

Are You Ready for Homeschooling?

Homeschooling your child is a major step, and you should be certain that it is the right decision for your child’s upbringing.

Taking children out of school and assuming the responsibility for educating them yourself requires preparation and forethought.

Parents elect to homeschool for many reasons, including:

  • Dissatisfaction with the local public schools
  • The cost of homeschooling versus traditional education
  • Religious convictions
  • Difficulties balancing work schedules with school times
  • A child’s special needs

Whatever the reason, before you take the plunge and begin homeschooling, you should consider:

  • What curriculum you are going to teach
  • What resources you will need
  • How well you will cope with teaching, or whether you will need outside help or online lessons
  • How you will organize the timetable
  • Whether there is a co-op you can join or start

What Are the Requirements To Homeschool in Florida?

Florida makes homeschooling an easy choice, with few requirements for you to fulfill.

You can teach on your own, join an umbrella school, or use external teachers to deliver your child’s education, but Florida stipulates that your child should be taught “sequentially progressive educational activities.”

This means that you should teach the same subjects your child would learn in a public school.

You also have to submit an annual homeschool portfolio, and your child has to take a standardized assessment test every year.

Your records have to include:

  • A log of lessons taught
  • Samples of work, tests, quizzes, or projects your child has completed

To graduate from homeschool, your child must fulfill whatever criteria you feel are appropriate—taking standardized tests and being evaluated every year means that your child’s homeschool diploma has the same validity as a high school certification.

Before you can even start, though, you have to notify your school district of your plans.

Notifying Your School District

Before you are allowed to remove your child from school, you have to tell your local school authorities that you intend to do so.

You can do this at any time during the year, but your letter of intent has to be filed at least 30 days before starting your homeschool. It should be hand-delivered or sent by certified mail.

The details you need to include are:

  1. Your name, address, and contact details
  2. The name and date of birth of each student to be homeschooled
  3. The proposed starting date of your homeschooling activities

The good news is that DoNotPay can take this administrative burden off your plate—we can and send it to the correct address, giving you one fewer detail to worry about!

DoNotPay Helps With Your Letter of Intent To Homeschool in Florida!

DoNotPay is here to take care of the admin while you concentrate on the important parts of your child’s education!

Our Notice of Intent to Homeschool feature generates the letter you need in Florida to make sure you comply with the law. In a few clicks, we can have your letter ready and even deliver it for you, if you choose!

Here’s what you need to do to get your letter of intent:

  1. Go to our Notice of Intent to Homeschool feature
  2. Answer a few questions with the details we need regarding your homeschool plan

Your letter will be ready in an instant—you can print it out and deliver it or let us handle that detail. You are then free to work on preparing your homeschool for action!

What About Choosing a Curriculum?

Although Florida expects your child to be assessed every year by taking the state’s standardized tests, the choice of how to teach is yours.

You have two options to design your curriculum:

  1. Build your own
  2. Buy a ready-made program

Building Your Own

Designing your own curriculum can be a challenge, but this approach gives you the freedom to choose—and even mix—the teaching methods your child best responds to.

Examples of these teaching concepts are:

Buying a Ready-Made Program

Off-the-shelf curriculums are easy to find and offer the convenience of a one-stop shop.

All the material, lesson plans, teaching aids, and assessment tools are usually included, so all you need to do is make sure you are prepared.

Ready-made programs come in all forms and can cater to almost every need, such as:

High school curriculumSpecial needs curriculumAutism curriculum
African American curriculumKindergarten curriculumElementary curriculum
Kinesthetic learner curriculumPreschool curriculumSign language curriculum
Secular curriculumChristian CurriculumCommon core curriculum
Catholic curriculumGifted learner curriculumMontessori curriculum

The choice is yours—the route to take is the one that best excites, stimulates, and educates your child!

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