The Scoop on Florida Homeschool Umbrella Schools

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The Ins and Outs of Florida Homeschool Umbrella Schools

Getting started with homeschooling can be challenging. What could make the process a lot smoother is gathering the necessary information about the costs, state laws, and required subjects and hours.

If you’re not sure whether joining Florida homeschool umbrella schools would be a good idea, this article sheds light on these organizations to help you make an informed decision.

What Are Umbrella Schools?

Umbrella schools are private institutions that are in charge of different homeschooling aspects, such as:

  • Enrollment
  • Attendance
  • Validation of students’ diplomas

Keep in mind that while the law doesn’t regard children who register within umbrella schools as homeschooled students—but as private school students—their education mainly takes place at home.

Florida Homeschool Umbrella Schools

Florida homeschool umbrella schools are private schools that provide support for homeschool parents and their children. You could register with one of these schools while homeschooling in Florida if you’d like to have an institution provide the necessary:

  • Educational structure
  • Information about state and local homeschool regulations

This way, you don’t have to worry about requirements while homeschooling your child since:

  1. The state sees your child as a private school student and not a homeschooler
  2. Florida homeschool umbrella schools deal with matters in your stead

What Do Florida Homeschool Umbrella Schools Provide?

You don’t have to worry about keeping the required attendance records if you join a Florida umbrella school. The school ensures that your homeschooling process complies with state attendance laws and can provide:

At the same time, you—as a homeschool teacher—or someone else homeschooling your child has the freedom to:

  1. Set the educational style
  2. Select a homeschool curriculum and learning time

Pros and Cons of Florida Homeschool Umbrella Schools

To help you make up your mind on how to homeschool your child, take a look at the following table presenting the advantages and disadvantages of Florida umbrella schools:

Advantages of Umbrella SchoolsDisadvantages of Umbrella Schools
You don’t have to file:

The school:

  • Deals with most of the required recordkeeping documentation
  • Provides you with an opportunity to network with other local homeschooling families
  • Offers various services, such as:
    • Field trips
    • Curriculums
    • Evaluation options
    • Teamwork and group learning
    • Classes and additional activities at school
You need to:
  • Provide:
    • Attendance records
    • Certification of immunization
    • Copies of health examination reports
  • Ask for approval of your chosen curriculum (some umbrella schools require this)

Keep in mind that umbrella school students cannot take part in sports activities at public schools

List of Florida Umbrella Schools

Since all Florida homeschool umbrella schools have different requirements and services, you should check what a certain school asks for and provides and whether it meets your family’s needs.

The following list of Florida umbrella schools could help you find out about the specific demands and services:

To get more information on Florida homeschool umbrella schools, including available resources for parents, activities, and useful events, you could:

  1. Visit the Florida Homeschool Convention
  2. Join a homeschool association, co-op, or groups

How To Homeschool in Florida

When you’ve made up your mind to homeschool your child, you need to get familiar with all requirements to be able to implement the process legally.

While Florida is not among the easiest states for homeschooling, you shouldn’t have problems if you complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a Florida letter of intent to homeschool—You have to:
    1. Notify the superintendent of your intent to homeschool your child
    2. File the letter of intent within a maximum of 30 days after withdrawing your kid from their school—which you can do at the beginning or in the middle of the year
  2. Maintain a portfolio—Make sure to keep a homeschool portfolio for two years after you’ve finalized your homeschooling process
  3. Carry out regular assessments—You need to organize the evaluation of your child’s progress every year
  4. File a notice of termination—You must notify your school district in case:
    1. You move to another county or state
    2. Your student finishes the homeschool program

to prepare a letter of intent to homeschool your child in a matter of minutes.

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