How To Find a Notary Public in Irving, TX

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Get Your Docs Signed and Sealed by a Notary Public in Irving, TX

We all need a notary service at some point. Whether we have to witness and sign a will, write an affidavit, or formalize a contract, a notary signature is an essential part of making the document legally robust.

If you live in Irving, TX, we can help you get your documents notarized quickly and easily. DoNotPay is your go-to resource for finding a notary public in Irving, TX!

What Does a Notary Do?

Notaries verify that you are who you say you are and that you have signed a document in their presence. A Texas notary’s services include:

Property-related documents, contracts, car titles, and wills need to be notarized to make them less likely to be contested. Many other documents also benefit from notarization as it gives them more weight.

Where Can I Find a Notary in Irving, TX?

There are three ways you can have documents notarized in Irving, TX:

Notary TypeExplanation
In-person notaryIf you want to visit a notary in person, you will have to make an appointment, travel to the notary’s office, wait in a queue, and remember to take all the necessary documentation with you. If anything is missing, you will have to book another appointment.

There are online search engines to help you find a notary anywhere in Texas, the most popular of which are:

As an alternative, you can usually find notaries in the following locations:

  • City or county clerk’s offices
  • Courthouses
  • Public libraries
  • Police departments
  • Banks, such as Wells Fargo or Bank of America
  • AAA stores
  • Law firms
  • Courier firms like UPS
  • Accountancy practices
  • Realty agents
  • Car dealerships
Mobile notaryMobile notaries help you avoid leaving your home or office by coming to you. While this can be more convenient, mobile notaries often charge higher fees for their services. You may also find that there is a long waiting time to get an appointment
Online notaryAn online notary receives digital copies of your documents and notarizes them via video call. The process is known as remote online notarization and is becoming ever more popular as the quickest and most convenient way to have your documents notarized. Texas is one of the 28 states that allow online notarization

How Much Does a Notary Cost in Irving, TX?

Notary fees in Texas are regulated by state law.

Any additional services, such as photocopying, scanning, or making phone calls, may incur extra charges.

The full range of pricing for notarial services in Texas is as follows:

Acknowledgment or proof$6 for the first signature

$1 for every subsequent signature

Administering an oath or affirmation$6
Providing copies of documents held by the notary$0.50 per page
Taking a deposition$6 plus $0.50 per 100 words
Protesting for non-acceptance on non-payment$4
All other certificates$6
Any other notarial service$6

Mobile notaries can also charge travel expenses, but they should discuss these with you beforehand. They should always provide an itemized bill that separates their notarial fees from any ancillary charges.

How Can DoNotPay Help Me Notarize Documents?

DoNotPay can help you notarize documents in a few clicks—all you have to do is:

  1. Navigate to DoNotPay in your web browser and
  2. Look for our Notarize Any Document product
  3. Upload the document you need to be notarized
  4. Fill in your email address

Once you have completed these steps, we will send you a link for you to schedule an appointment with an online notary. At your appointment, the notary will notarize your documents quickly and efficiently via video call.

What if I Need a Notary Somewhere Else?

DoNotPay can also help you with information about notaries in the states that allow online notarization:

States With Online Notarization
FloridaMarylandNorth DakotaVermont

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can also help you create the documents you want notarized. We have a range of customizable documents and contract templates, and we are expanding our product offering all the time.

To get the document you need, you need to:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Enter the document you need in the search bar
  3. Fill in the details you want included
  4. Wait while we generate your customized document

Here are some of the documents we can offer you:


  • Operating agreement
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Non-compete agreement
  • Bill of sale
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • General business contract


  • Real estate purchase agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • Estoppel certificate
  • Quitclaim deed
  • Intent to purchase real estate


  • Prenuptial agreement
  • General affidavit
  • Custody agreement
  • Promissory note

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