Can You Get Your Documents Notarized by a AAA Notary?

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Can a AAA Notary Notarize Any Document for You?

American Automobile Association (AAA) deals with various documents that require notarization. Most AAA offices provide notary services, but you may be wondering whether a AAA notary public can notarize any document for you.

DoNotPay is here to answer this question and tell you whether having your contracts notarized by a AAA notary is the most convenient solution!

We will tell you how you can notarize your documents remotely and save a lot of time. Follow our guide to take care of your document notarization in a few clicks from any device!

How To Have Your Contracts Notarized by a AAA Notary Public

If you’d like to get your contracts notarized by a notary public in a AAA store, you should do the following:

  1. Find a notary in the closest AAA branch—all AAA offices should employ notaries, but you can always call and check if the branch near you offers notary services
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Bring your ID and the documents you want to get notarized to the AAA office
  4. Provide your ID so that the AAA notary can verify your identity
  5. Pay the required notary fees
  6. Sign the contract
  7. Wait for the notary to draw up a notarial certificate and seal it with his or her signature and official stamp

AAA notaries are authorized to:

  • Perform notarial acts, such as taking acknowledgments and administering oaths and affirmations
  • Witness the signing of the documents
  • Identify singing parties
  • Write notarial statements

Do You Have To Pay a AAA Notary Fee?

AAA members get free notary services in most American states. In some states, AAA offices might charge notarization, but the fee for their members is usually low.

For example, in California AAA branches, Plus members pay $4 per notarial act, while Classic members need to pay $7. Premier members don’t pay for notary services in the Golden State.

Disadvantages of the AAA Notary Services

Getting your documents notarized in the notary’s office is usually time-consuming. Since most people need to have their contracts notarized as quickly as possible, the traditional notarization method is not the best one. Even if you find an available AAA notary and schedule a meeting right away, you’ll still waste a lot of time going to his or her office.

Another drawback of the AAA notary service is that their officials can notarize only personal transaction documents. If you have a business agreement that needs to get notarized, you will have to find a notary public in another place.

The following table shows which contracts you can and cannot have notarized by a AAA notary public:

Documents AAA Notaries Can NotarizeDocuments AAA Notaries Cannot Notarize

What Is the Most Convenient Way of Getting Your Documents Notarized?

Would you like to get all of your contracts notarized without going to a notary’s office? You can either hire a traveling notary or sign up for an online notary service.

If you don’t mind paying extra for the notary’s travel costs, you can schedule a meeting with a mobile notary. He or she will come to your preferred location to perform the notarial act. Mobile notaries usually notarize real estate contracts, but you can hire them for other documents, too.

Are traveling notaries too expensive for you? You can try out one of the online notary services. These platforms connect you with remote notaries, and the entire notarization process is done via a video call. This means that you can get your documents notarized from any device, including your PC and smartphone.

Since most remote notaries operate 24/7, you can have your contracts notarized at any time of the day. You need to pay around $25 per document on most platforms. While the fee is significantly lower than the one mobile notaries charge, the price can be too high if you get your documents notarized frequently.

DoNotPay Makes the Notarization Process Fast, Easy, AND Affordable!

Why waste hundreds of dollars on other online notary apps if you can get an unlimited number of your documents notarized for a small monthly fee? DoNotPay has created a wallet-friendly notary feature to help you handle document notarization in a few clicks.

To get your contracts notarized quickly in Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, or any other state, do the following:

  1. Open
  2. Select the Notarize Any Document feature
  3. Upload the document and type in your email address

The link we email you will enable you to schedule a meeting with an online notary. The notary you get connected with will witness your signature and verify it virtually. He or she will then provide a notarial certificate containing an electronic stamp and signature.

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