Learn All About a Notary Public in Hawaii

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How To Get Your Documents Notarized by a Notary Public in Hawaii

Visiting a notary public in Hawaii in person can be problematic, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to find out how to notarize documents in Hawaii or any other state, DoNotPay provides relevant information and solutions. We also offer the most convenient way to get your documents notarized quickly and safely.

Who Is a Notary Public in Hawaii?

A notary public is a Hawaiin resident who has passed a notary exam and got authorization to witness the signing of various documents, such as:

What Does a Hawaii Notary Do?

When performing notary services, a notary will:

  1. Confirm the identity of the signing parties—make sure to have a valid government-issued photo ID document with you
  2. Verify the signers are:
    • Of sound mind
    • Signing the document of their own free will
  3. Determine that all signers are familiar with the contents of the document
  4. Identify a potential fraud
  5. Place a signature and official stamp on the document if everything is according to the rules

A notary can refuse to notarize a document if you:

  • Forget to bring an ID document—you can bring your passport, ID, or driver’s license
  • Sign the document in advance—in some cases, you can do that but check when setting up the appointment
  • Fail to bring witnesses—if required for the documents you’re getting notarized
  • Neglect to take enough money to settle notary fees—you should inquire about fees when making the appointment

How To Get a Document Notarized by a Notary Public in Hawaii

Getting your documents notarized can be a daunting and lengthy process. Here are the steps you will need to take:

  1. Find a notary public
  2. Make an appointment
  3. Visit a notary’s office at the scheduled time
  4. Present an ID document
  5. Provide the required documents

If you fail to bring a valid ID or the necessary documents, or you make a mistake, you will need to set up another appointment and repeat the whole process.

As this traditional in-person notarization takes a lot of time and energy, you should consider other options.

Hawaii Notary Services

You can get your documents notarized in the following ways:

Notary ServiceWhat Is It?
Regular notarizationYou will need to visit a notary’s office to get your document notarized
Mobile notarizationMobile notaries can visit you at a convenient location, including:
  • Your home
  • Your workplace
  • A hospital
  • Jail
  • Airport

A mobile notary charges additional travel fees on top of the regular ones

Remote online notarizationOnline or remote notaries perform notary services via a live video call. to get your document notarized online

Hawaii does not allow remote online notarization (RON). However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hawaii governor has allowed Hawaii notaries to perform remote ink-signed notarizations (RIN).

What Is a Remote Ink-Signed Notarization?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a Hawaii notary can choose to perform the notary service while respecting social distancing guidelines.

To ensure the safety and health of all parties involved in the notarization process, a remote ink-signed notarization (RIN) has been introduced. To perform an online RIN, a notary public in Hawaii needs to:

  1. Identify the signers through:
    • Personal knowledge, i.e., the notary is certain that the signers are who they claim to be (mostly only for notary’s cousins, friends, or colleagues)
    • Checking a valid photo signed ID document
  2. Confirm the signers are:
    • Aware of the document’s contents
    • Willing to sign the document
    • Physically located in Hawaii
  3. Witness the signing of the document
  4. Communicate with the signers via a live video call
  5. Record the audio-visual call
  6. Receive the signed document electronically or via fax on the same day the document was signed
  7. Notarize the sent copy
  8. Send the notarized document to the signer

You should make sure to sign the paper document in pen and ink before faxing or transmitting it electronically to a Hawaii notary. As the RIN rules might change, you should keep track of them on the Department of the Attorney General website.

Use DoNotPay’s Efficient Online Notarization Solution

Lots of states allow and use an online notary service since it is the most convenient one. DoNotPay provides a safe and handy way to get any document notarized from the comfort of your home.

Using our app, you will not have to:

  • Look for a notary public—we have an extensive notary database with all contact information
  • Get in touch with a notary—DoNotPay deals with that and offers you appointment times to choose from
  • Drive to a notary’s office—you will get your documents notarized online

If you would like to get your documents notarized online in Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Washington, Indiana, or any other state:

  1. Access the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Upload the document you'd like to get notarized
  3. Enter your email address

You should open your inbox and click on the link we sent you. The link will guide you to the notary’s schedule, where you can set an appointment. What’s next? Show up at the scheduled time for a live video call and get your document notarized in a matter of minutes!

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