Where To Find a Life Certificate Notary and How To Hire One

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Can You Use an Online Life Certificate Notary?

When you have to get your documents notarized, you need time and patience for a traditional notarization process. Where can you find a life certificate notary public?

DoNotPay provides answers and lots of tips about various notary services. We also offer the most convenient remote online notarization 24/7.

What Is a Life Certificate?

A life certificate—also called a certificate of life, certificate of existence, or proof of life—is a document that foreign institutions ask for the qualification of financial beneficiaries who live abroad.

Institutions that require this document include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Governments

A life certificate form usually contains instructions for a notary public, i.e., if he or she needs to:

  1. Certify the named person is alive
  2. Witness the signing of the document

Depending on the country, some organizations will ask you to submit a life certificate every:

  1. Year
  2. Two years
  3. Six months

Can All Notaries Public Notarize a Life Certificate?

Whether a notary can notarize a life certificate depends on:

  1. What a notary needs to do
  2. The U.S. state where they work

What Can a Life Certificate Notary Do?

All notaries public can notarize your life certificate if the document requires you to have your signature notarized with a standard notarial act, e.g., an acknowledgment or jurat.

Should the life certificate document require a notary to confirm that the signer is alive, you need to check whether your state allows its notaries public to perform such a notarial act, as some do not.

The following table shows in what jurisdictions notaries are allowed to:

  1. Only witness the signing process
  2. Certify the signer’s status, i.e., whether he or she is alive
Places Where Notaries Can Certify the Signer’s StatusSome States Where Notaries Can Witness Signing Only
Regular notaries in:

Only civil law notaries—who are also attorneys—in:

Keep in mind that only notaries in Maryland and Michigan can put their signature and seal to a life certificate document that lacks any certificate wording. Notaries public are not allowed to perform a notary service if:

  • The document does not include a notarial certificate
  • The notary does not know what type of notarization is required

How To Get Your Life Certificate Notarized

When your life certificate needs to be notarized, you could check whether the embassy or consulate of the issuing country can provide notary services. If you need to do it yourself, here are some available options:

  1. Find a notary public and ask whether he or she can do what is required
  2. to connect with a notary automatically

Pinpoint a Life Certificate Notary

To get your will, trust, contract, affidavit, bill of sale, life certificate, real estate deed, or any other document notarized, you can find a notary public by visiting or contacting one of the following:

You could also try the following websites to get the contact information of available notaries:

  1. Yelp—Enter Notaries in the Find box and your place in the Near box
  2. 123Notary—Type in your state, city, or ZIP code in the search box
  3. Notary Public Stamps—Enter your city or ZIP code
  4. American Society of Notaries—Type in the ZIP code
  5. American Association of Notaries—Select your state in the drop-down menu at the top, select Notary Locator, and enter your city or ZIP in the search box
  6. The secretary of state website—Visit the website to check whether they might have a notary search tool

DoNotPay Connects You With a Life Certificate Notary in a Few Clicks—No Tricks

You can set up an appointment with an online notary public via DoNotPay quickly. No need for you to:

  • Search for a notary
  • Get in touch with one to check whether he or she provides the notarization of a life certificate
  • Visit the notary’s office
  • Meet the notary in person

Once you have prepared a life certificate or any other document you would like to get notarized, and:

  1. Select our Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the document for notarization
  3. Go to your inbox

Click on the link we emailed you to check a notary’s schedule and choose a suitable appointment time.

DoNotPay will connect you with a notary immediately. At the confirmed time, an online notary will witness, verify, and notarize your documents:

  • Remotely—you can be in any U.S. state
  • 24/7—our remote online notarization service is available all day long
  • Via a live audio-video call—you will not risk your health during the COVID-19 pandemic as you are not meeting with the notary face to face

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