Here’s How the Walmart Battery Return Policy Works

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Filing a Walmart EverStart Battery Warranty Claim in 2024

Have you purchased a battery from Walmart that you’re unsatisfied with? You can return it to the store and get your money back as long as your return meets the company’s return criteria. Learn everything you need to know about the Walmart battery return policy in this article and discover how to from any company.

How the Walmart Battery Return Policy Works

Household and car batteries purchased from Walmart are eligible for returns if they are:

  • Unused
  • Faulty
  • Not the appropriate size
  • Only charged 12.45 volts or less (for car batteries)

If the claim is accepted, Walmart will refund your purchase in cash or as store credit. Online payments will be returned accordingly and may take one to two days to be processed back to your account.

You must return or exchange an unwanted battery within 90 days of purchase with the receipt and the original packaging intact. After 90 days, only returns of Walmart-exclusive automotive batteries under the following warranties will be accepted:

  • EverStart Value—Free battery replacement within one year of purchase
  • EverStart Plus—Free battery replacement within two years of purchase
  • EverStart Maxx—Free battery replacement within three years of purchase with an extended two-year warranty for discounted replacement after

Can You Return a Walmart Battery Without a Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt, you can show a valid government-issued identification document. Your return will be accepted if the details match the ones in Walmart’s database. Keep in mind that you will only get store credit if you don’t have a receipt—unless your battery costs less than $25.

Can You Return Old Car Batteries to Walmart?

You can’t exchange old batteries for money, but you can show old battery purchases from Walmart to be eligible for a core charge discount on a new battery purchase. Depending on the state, you can save between $5 to $10 on a core fee if you bring old batteries to be recycled.

How To Return a Walmart Battery

Walmart doesn’t accept mail returns for batteries, so you can only return the item in question as follows:

  1. Package the item securely in its original box
  2. Go to the Walmart store where you purchased the item
  3. Visit the automotive department (if you didn’t buy it from a Walmart Auto Care Center)
  4. Show the clerk your proof of purchase

The staff will test the battery to verify if your return is valid. You can choose how you will be refunded once your return is accepted. If you want an exchange, the staff can install the new battery for you free of charge.

DoNotPay Offers a Hassle-Free Solution for Faulty Item Returns

While you can only return Walmart batteries in person, many other companies allow mail returns for their products. You need to notify the store in advance first, though, and sending a return request letter beforehand is the best way to do it.

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