DoNotPay Answers: What Is the Homeschool Completion Affidavit?

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The Homeschool Completion Affidavit—The Final Step for Homeschooling Families

Signing the homeschool completion affidavit is the final stage of home education in Florida that will open your children the door to future academic success. Find out how and when to file the important document .

What Is a Homeschool Completion Affidavit?

According to Florida homeschool laws, parents must submit a homeschool completion affidavit at the end of a homeschool program. The document should be signed in the presence of a notary and forwarded to the school county superintendent. You’re required to sign the affidavit even if you’ve hired someone else to homeschool your child.

The homeschool completion affidavit is:

How To Fill In a Homeschool Completion Affidavit

You can download a template for the homeschool completion affidavit from:

  • The official websites of educational institutions in Florida (colleges and universities)
  • Various homeschool associations' web pages

The document layout is mostly uniform and includes the following sections:

Homeschool Completion Affidavit SectionDescription
Information about the studentYou must provide the following information:
  • Full name and middle initial
  • Date of birth
  • The starting date of the high school homeschool program
  • The end date of the program
Certification from the homeschool operatorIn this section, you need to sign an official statement confirming your child has met the following requirements:
NotarizationYou must get the homeschool completion affidavit notarized by a Florida Commissioned Notary
Foreign language certification (optional)If you include a foreign language in your list of subjects, state the details in this section of the homeschool completion affidavit

Other Graduation Requirements for Homeschooled Kids

Florida provides parents interested in home education with three distinct homeschooling options:

  1. Teaching their child first-hand
  2. Hiring a homeschool teacher
  3. Enrolling their child in an “umbrella” program (a private school that provides supervision for homeschooled students)

If you’ve decided to single-handedly homeschool your kids, you must meet the following requirements, or the completion affidavit will be invalid:

  1. Submit a letter of intent to homeschool to the school county superintendent—You must file the affidavit 30 days before the homeschool program begins. It’s also possible to remove your child from public school at any point during the school year
  2. Devise a curriculum—According to homeschool laws in Florida, the curriculum is entirely personalized. You can base it around your religious beliefs, chosen teaching method (e.g., the Charlotte Mason curriculum), or other preferences (e.g., nature-based curriculum)
  3. Create a homeschool portfolio—The transcripts should include the learning materials you’ve used, a list of school activities, and samples of the student’s work
  4. Perform annual evaluations—You can have your child take state or national assessment tests or invite a certified teacher to judge their progress

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The Most Common Challenges of Homeschooling

Getting started with homeschooling is a piece of cake, especially with DoNotPay’s expert products. Filing a homeschool completion affidavit is also fairly easy to handle. When it comes to homeschool, it’s often the “middle part” of the journey parents find challenging.

Before you make your decision, think about the following aspects of home education:

  • The cost of homeschooling—In some states, homeschooling families are eligible for financial aid, but you’ll still have to cover the majority of the costs
  • Your child’s learning aptitude—Whether your child is a gifted student or struggles with learning difficulties will inevitably affect the process. You’ll have to adapt the curriculum to their immediate needs
  • Socializing—Since your child will have limited contact with their peers, you’ll have to ensure they don’t become isolated. A good way to get in touch with people from similar backgrounds is to join a local homeschool co-op

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