Should You Opt for Homeschool or Private School & Why?

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Homeschool or Private School—We Solve Your Dilemma

Parents get dissatisfied with the performance of public schools for many reasons. They may hate the way public institutions deal with their children’s learning difficulties or be worried about exposing their kids to bullies and uncontrolled violence. Choosing the right educational alternative usually narrows down to homeschool or a private school.

Which one of these two options is the best for your child? What aspects do you need to have in mind when deciding which approach to take? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both alternatives? Wonder no more—get all the answers in our extensive guide! We will also explain how to for creating an excellent letter of intent to homeschool in record time.

Homeschool Education and Private Schools Explained

Getting familiar with both terms—homeschool and a private school—is crucial for deciding on the appropriate learning option for your child.


Homeschooling is usually a form of parent-led education. By choosing it, you remove your child from a public school and teach them yourself at home. Unlike regular schooling, this option allows you to choose a program, schedule, and curriculum that would fit your child’s needs and interests.

A homeschooled student needs to:

This approach is the best for parents who have children with learning disabilities or special needs that can’t be met by public schools. It’s also great for kids with social anxiety or families that frequently relocate due to job requirements or other factors. If parents are too busy or don’t have specified qualifications, they can hire someone else to be their kids’ teacher.

Private Schools

Opting for private schools means enrolling your child at an educational institution and having them taught by trained professionals in exchange for a tuition fee. Private schools have their specialized curriculums in whose creation you can’t participate, but you can research and choose the one that matches your educational philosophy.

The class size is usually smaller than in public schools, and teachers can dedicate more time to each child. Besides core subjects, private institutions often offer a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities based on their students’ wishes.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Between Homeschool Education and a Private School

Do both schooling options sound attractive? Here are the three most important aspects you should have in mind when opting for one of them:

  1. Homeschooling requirements—As a homeschooling parent, you must meet the essential criteria proposed by the homeschool state law. Some states are quite easy to homeschool your child in, while others have strict requirements you must meet to start this learning approach. Check your state’s laws to ensure you can switch to this method
  2. Expenses—Private schools are much more expensive than homeschooling your child. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, parents must set aside from $7,000 to $25,180 for such schools per year. Homeschooling parents can find free or cheap learning resources and don’t need to pay tuition, which decreases their expenses significantly
  3. Reasons to opt your child out of public schooling—If your child struggles with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or any other type of disorder that makes their school activities difficult, homeschooling is a better choice. This way, you can dedicate yourself to them completely and provide the education that public or private school teachers can’t. Should your child have problems with bullying or a dissatisfying public school program, private schools may solve these issues

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling and Private Schools

The purpose of the following table is to help you make a final decision by checking out the benefits and drawbacks of both possibilities. Find more details below:

  • The total control parents have over their children’s education
  • Possibility of choosing or creating a personalized curriculum for students
  • Ability to set up the child’s schedule according to their needs and other obligations
  • Possibility of starting homeschool mid-year
  • Higher emotional safety
  • More productivity
  • Firmer family relationships and more quality time for parents and their children
  • No homework
  • Optional testing
  • More developed independent learning skills
  • Challenge for homeschooling parents as they must bear full responsibility for all aspects of their children’s learning routine
  • Loss of income as one of the parents must give up on their regular job to dedicate themselves to the child’s education
  • Less social exposure than in public or private schools
  • Increased stress of parents who may think they aren’t good enough to teach their kids
  • Poorer choice of extracurricular activities than in regular schools
Private schools
  • All necessary materials already provided by the institution
  • A bunch of handy and interesting learning resources
  • Skilled and certified professionals with years of experience
  • Available scholarships for students
  • Zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior, violence, and use of alcohol and psychoactive substances
  • High expenses
  • Lack of experiences with different cultures and people, as most students come from similar backgrounds
  • Insufficient transportation opportunities
  • Less time at home and with the family

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