Looking for Loose Coins? Check Your Wendy’s Gift Card Balance!

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Check Your Wendy’s Gift Card Balance—Get Cash Back with DoNotPay!

Are you craving a Wendy’s bourbon bacon cheeseburger? You might get one for free, but what if you can’t? In this article, you will learn how to check your Wendy’s gift card balance in a snap! Not enough cash for that cheeseburger? Use DoNotPay to get your remaining balance back!

All You Need To Know About Wendy’s Gift Cards

Plastic and electronic Wendy’s gift cards can be used solely to purchase beverages and food in Wendy’s participating locations across the U.S. and Canada. They can’t be used for purchasing more gift cards.

There are two types of Wendy’s gift cards:

  • Gift cards for individuals—customizable cards you can mail to yourself or friends and family, with a personalized message
  • Corporate gift cards—bulk order cards

Wendy’s gift cards hold a value between $10 and $100. These gift cards are not to be mistaken with credit or debit cards. They have no expiration date, and no fees apply to them. You can’t get a refund on Wendy’s gift cards unless required by law, and Wendy’s won’t replace your lost, stolen, or damaged card.

How Can I Check My Wendy’s Gift Card Balance?

There are three ways to check your Wendy’s gift card balance:

  1. In person
  2. By calling customer support
  3. On Wendy’s website

Note that the balance check will provide an estimated remaining amount, which won’t always be completely accurate. Sometimes, balance changes are registered immediately, while other times, they are processed a bit later.

Learn About Your Wendy’s Gift Card Balance in Person

Do you live across the street from Wendy’s? You can check your remaining gift card balance by asking a cashier. If you’re not sure about the whereabouts of the closest Wendy’s, consult the company's website by entering your city, state, or ZIP.

Ask About Your Wendy’s Gift Card Balance via Phone

You can call Wendy’s customer service and ask about your gift card balance. The toll-free number you need to call is 1-888-624-8140. This number is reserved for both Canadian and U.S. customers.

Check Your Wendy’s Gift Card Balance Online

Possibly the best, hassle-free way of checking your Wendy’s gift card balance is using their website. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Visit the company’s homepage
  2. Provide your card and personal identification number (both can be found on the back of the card)
  3. Confirm that you are not a robot
  4. Click on Check Balance

What Can You Do With the Wendy’s Gift Card Balance?

The obvious choice for spending the remaining Wendy’s gift card balance is to get food or beverages at your nearest Wendy’s. Here is nearly everything you can get from the Wendy’s menu:

  • Biscuits
  • Breakfast combos
  • Beverages
  • Classics
  • Croissants
  • Hamburgers
  • Salads
  • Side dishes

What happens if you don’t have enough cash for any of that? Should you throw away this gift card and forget about those few extra bucks?

DoNotPay offers you an alternative because you can get some of your money back if you .

Can You Get Cash Back for Your Wendy’s Gift Card Balance?

The official website says that Wendy’s gift cards hold no cash value. They can’t be redeemed for cash, checks, or credit. The website also mentions the California redemption policy because this state allows up to $10 to be refunded from the remaining balance of any gift card. There are 11 more states and Puerto Rico that allow it, and DoNotPay can help you use this legislation and get your money back.

Have Any Leftover Wendy’s Gift Card Balance? Get It Back With DoNotPay!

If you , you can get some of the remaining balance from your gift card back, thanks to our Gift Card Cash Back feature. Here is how it works:

  1. Load the mentioned feature on our website
  2. Type in the info about your gift card (e.g., the date you got the card, the remaining balance)
  3. Wait while we check if you are eligible for receiving the remaining balance back in cash via mail

Note that you can’t get more than a few dollars this way, but even a $5 bill is better than nothing. DoNotPay can also teach you a lot about gift cards:

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Do you wish there was a place that could help you get the scoop on using all your gift cards? Here it is! Check the table below and learn how to check the balance on dozens of gift cards:

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SafewayVictoria’s SecretOld NavyIkeaH&M
Burger KingBed Bath & BeyondBath and Body WorksHome DepotWhole Foods

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