All About a Real Estate Notary

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What a Real Estate Notary Does and How To Find One

If you need a notary for real estate and mortgage transactions, you require a real estate notary. Find out whether this is a special type of notary or whether any notary can notarize your documents. Follow our guide, and you’ll get everything done online in minutes!

Who Can Notarize Real Estate Documents?

Real estate closing documents can be complex, especially with loans and mortgages. This is why most states only allow certain notaries to offer real estate notary services. Depending on the state, officials who can notarize real estate documents are:

  1. Regular notaries
  2. Notaries who became notary signing agents without any training
  3. Notaries who passed training, exams, and even background checks to become notary signing agents

A Mobile Notary Signing Agent in a Nutshell

A notary signing agent is sometimes also called a mobile notary signing agent as they travel to their clients. They are also addressed as loan signing agents because they notarize real estate loan documents and help the borrower sign, initial, and date them.

Lenders, title companies, and mortgage finance companies hire loan signing agents to perform different tasks, such as:

  • Print loan documents
  • Fax or mail the paperwork
  • Meet with the signers
  • Assist a borrower with the documents
  • Notarize the signers’ signatures by adding their seals and signatures
  • Return the documents for processing
  • Handle real estate loan closing

Notary Signing Agent Requirements and Restrictions

While the requirements and restrictions vary by state, what they all have in common is that notary signing agents must be commissioned notaries. Here are several states that have special regulations regarding loan signing agents:

U.S. StateRegulations
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia
An attorney needs to be present or involved in the closing of real property transactions

Indiana and Maryland

A title insurance license is required for all closings

Nevada, Nebraska, and North Carolina

The fees that the loan signing agents can charge are limited. These fees also include an hourly travel fee based on the time of day when they travel

Where To Find Real Estate Notaries

Ways to find notaries who can notarize real estate documents depend on where you are. You may be able to look for any notary public or specific notary signing agent. Here are your options in the table below:



Finding notary signing agents online
Locating all kinds of notaries online
Visiting places that offer notary services
Using DoNotPay, and we’ll find an online notary for you

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Answers to Your Notary Questions

DoNotPay offers other helpful guides that answer numerous questions regarding notarization, such as:

General Notarization QuestionsHow Notarization Works in Different States

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