Can I Notarize for a Family Member?

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Can I Notarize for a Family Member? Find Out!

Can I notarize for a family member? Various factors come into play that will determine whether you can and should notarize a document for a family member. We’ll help you figure out what you’re allowed to do and suggest a course of action in case you aren’t able to get your family member’s document notarized by yourself.

Can a Notary Notarize for a Family Member?

As a notary should be an impartial witness, it begs the question of whether they can notarize for family members. The answer depends on different factors, such as:

  1. State regulations
  2. Type of document or a notary’s interest in the transaction stipulated in the document

The State Regulations

Some states don’t allow notaries to notarize documents for their family members due to the conflict of interest. If you notarize for family, the document in question could be challenged or invalidated.

You should check your state’s notary laws. You can do so by:

  • Visiting your state’s official web page
  • Checking your state’s notary law summary on the National Notary Association (NNA) website—select your state from the drop-down menu
  • Calling the NNA hotline and inquiring about it—1-800-876-6827

The state laws vary considerably, and they’re not always clear-cut, but they depend on which family member you want to notarize for. Check out how certain state view notarizing for family:

U.S. State

Notary Regulations


Doesn’t restrict notaries from notarizing for relatives at all

Alabama, Montana, and California
  • They allow notarizing for relatives but caution notaries against it
  • California doesn’t allow notaries to notarize a document if they have a direct financial or beneficial interest (e.g., being named in the document, receiving a gift, or benefitting from a transaction the document mentions)
Florida and Massachusetts
  • Both states prohibit notarizing the signatures of a notary’s spouse, children, or parents
  • Massachusetts extends this rule to domestic partners and half- and step-relatives
Oregon, West Virginia, and North Dakota
  • These states only forbid notarizing for a spouse
  • West Virginia also cautions notaries to avoid notarizing for other family members

Notaries in Pennsylvania cannot notarize documents if the notary's spouse has a direct or financial interest in it

The Type of Document and the Notary’s Interest

Even if the state you live in doesn’t explicitly forbid notarizing for family members or relatives, you shouldn’t notarize a document if you directly benefit from it—financially or otherwise. Your involvement in the document may discredit it in the future.

Sometimes, even if the document doesn’t mention you by name, you would be considered a beneficiary. For example, in a community property state, a transaction involving your spouse could automatically include you too.

A notary should always maintain their integrity and avoid the appearance of bias since they are a disinterested third party providing a notary service.

Why Else Can Notaries Refuse To Provide Notary Services?

Regardless of whether you are allowed to notarize for a family member or not, there are certain instances where a notary can or should refuse to notarize a document:

  • Signer is a minor
  • Signer is not present
  • Document has blank sections or is missing pages
  • Signer doesn’t own a valid photo ID or other acceptable identification
  • Signer is not of sound mind—intoxicated, heavily medicated, or mentally unstable
  • Notary detects signs of fraud or coercion
  • Signer cannot or won’t pay the notary fees
  • Document is in a foreign language the notary doesn’t understand
  • Document does not include a notary certificate or other type of statement with a section for a notary signature

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