Cancel ANA Enterprise In No Time

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How To Cancel ANA Enterprise in No Time

ANA Enterprise (American Nurses Association) is an association that offers professional support and growth to nurses from across the United States. If you don’t need the company’s services anymore, you can cancel your ANA Enterprise subscription in a few easy steps with DoNotPay.

How To Cancel ANA Enterprise With DoNotPay

Canceling your ANA Enterprise membership becomes a simple task if you use DoNotPay. All you have to do to cancel your account is to follow these steps:

  1. Click on Find Hidden Money
  2. Type ANA Enterprise in the search bar

The request will then be processed, and we will notify you once your subscription has been canceled via a confirmation email.

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How To Cancel ANA Enterprise Manually

If you want to cancel your ANA Enterprise membership on your own, you can do it in the following ways:

  1. On the company’s website
  2. Over the phone
  3. Via email
  4. Via letter

How To Cancel ANA Enterprise Through the Company Website

In case you opt to cancel ANA Enterprise online:

  1. Log in to your ANA Enterprise account
  2. Select My Account
  3. Click on the cancellation link

How To Cancel ANA Enterprise via Email

If you choose to cancel ANA Enterprise via email, just follow these steps:

  1. Write a formal email
  2. Explain your situation
  3. Send it to

How To Cancel ANA Enterprise via Letter

To cancel your ANA Enterprise subscription via letter, you will need to:

  1. Compose a formal letter
  2. State your cancellation request
  3. Send it to the American Nurses Association, 8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400, Silver Spring, MD 20910

How To Cancel ANA Enterprise via Phone

To cancel ANA Enterprise via phone, you need to dial 1-800-923-7709 and ask the company’s customer support team to cancel your membership.

Can You Cancel ViaYes/No
Company WebsiteYes
In PersonNo

ANA Enterprise Billing—When To Cancel To Avoid Getting Charged

When you decide to cancel your ANA Enterprise subscription, you must submit your request seven days before your next payment date. If the company receives your cancellation request fewer than seven days before that date, you’ll be charged $15 for the subscription.

What Are Some Alternatives to ANA Enterprise?

If you’re not satisfied with ANA Enterprise but are still looking for professional development as a nurse, you can check out these alternatives:

National League for Nursing (NLN)Starting from $80, depending on the membership
Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)Various memberships ranging from $25 to $1000+
  • Includes huge discounts on exams, certificates, and online education
  • Offers members access to job opportunities, free continuing education, and more
National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA)$30 per year, plus state fees
  • Provides discount on student memberships in several professional nursing organizations
  • Offers various resource guides and tools for career planning

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