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How To Cancel PWI Help With DoNotPay

PWI Help is a customer support service assisting in a range of issues—from billing questions about your order to charges on your credit card and refund requests. Using its service seems easy—you locate your order through the company’s website by typing in the order’s ID and then contact PWI Help via email or phone for support. An important notion is that PWI Help cannot resolve the issues you are having with your purchase but only consult you about who to contact about it.

The PWI Help website lacks useful information about customer protection, general info about its service, and details about its operations. If you are dissatisfied with PWI Help’s services, there are easy ways to cancel the subscription.

Cancel PWI Help on Your Own

To cancel the PWI Help service, you need to contact them using one of the available options.

There are three ways in which you can reach their agents—by:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Chat

Contacting PWI Help via Phone

There are three numbers you can dial depending on your location:

  • International number—1.514.334.1887
  • EU number—00.800.0334.1887
  • Toll-free number for North America—1.877.711.7334

The company’s agents are available 24/7. Once you get a hold of an agent, ask them about the cancellation steps. Remember to tell them to send you a confirmation email that proves the service has been canceled.

Contacting PWI Help via Email

If you want to send the cancellation request over email, you can either:

Contacting PWI Help via Chat

You can find this option on the Contact Us page as well. Scroll down until you see the Start Chatting option, after which you are to:

  1. Explain why you want to cancel
  2. Follow the instructions provided
  3. Ask the representative for a confirmation email

Setbacks To Consider When Canceling PWI Help on Your Own

Trying to cancel PWI Help on your own is going to be a long and frustrating process. As the company’s website suggests, reaching them via phone will be difficult since their lines are often busy.

After requesting cancellation either through email or chat, you will have to wait for a reply, which is time-consuming. Each time you want to reach out to the company through the online form, you will have to fill it out with your personal info, send it, and wait for a long time until someone responds to your query.

This process is unavoidable if you choose to cancel the service on your own because the website lacks useful info on the cancellation procedure.

Fortunately, there is a much quicker way to cancel PWI Help—with the world’s first AI Consumer Champion.

Want To Cancel PWI Help Hassle-Free? Use DoNotPay!

Instead of having to explain the reason behind your cancellation and waiting for the agents to respond, DoNotPay provides a faster and easier way to cancel the PWI Help services with just a few clicks on your smartphone or computer.

All you need to do is open DoNotPay in your and follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account
  2. Click on the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Type in PWI Help as the service you want to cancel

It will take 48 hours at most for DoNotPay to cancel the service, and you will receive a confirmation email immediately after the cancellation is finished.

With our help, you can cancel AOL, Roku, Scribd, Origin, Twitch, Shopify, Dropbox, T-Mobile, YouTube TV, and so much more!

Can You Cancel ViaYes/No
Online ChatYes

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According to Yahoo Finance, thousands of Americans spend around $348 a year on subscriptions they do not use.

DoNotPay can prevent you from becoming a part of this statistic by making you aware of what subscriptions you actually use out of the ones you have. You will only pay for the apps that you need and actively use. What you need to do is:

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  2. Connect your bank or email account to DoNotPay
  3. Wait for DoNotPay to find all of your active subscriptions and mark the ones you don’t use
  4. Cancel all of the subscriptions you don’t need

This way, you will be able to monitor your subscriptions and avoid unnecessary spendings on apps and services you don’t actively use.

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