Cancel America Family Insurance Effortlessly

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Cancel American Family Insurance in a Few Clicks!

American Family Insurance offers personal, business, family, auto, and workplace insurance among its many products. The company is well-known and widely-used, but its policies are not suited for everyone.

Do you want to cancel the American Family Insurance policy because it’s not the right fit for you? We’ve created this guide to help you cancel your insurance policy in the most convenient way possible!

How To Cancel Your American Family Insurance Plan Yourself

If you want to cancel American Family Insurance, you can contact their customer support using the following options:

  1. Through an agent
  2. By phone
  3. Via Live Chat

How To Cancel American Family Insurance Through an Agent

According to the cancellation policy on the website, the most convenient way to terminate your policy is through an agent. If you don’t have an agent, you can use the agent locator to reach the one closest to you.

How To Cancel American Family Insurance by Phone

You can cancel your insurance policy via phone if you dial 1-800-MYAMFAM (1-800-692-6326) and ask to speak to a representative. Once you get an agent on the line, make sure to:

  • State clearly that you want to cancel your insurance policy
  • Provide your details and current insurance plan
  • Ask for a confirmation email

The support representative will explain the next steps or submit a cancellation request on your behalf. Customer support is available 24/7.

How To Cancel American Family Insurance via Live Chat

Here’s how you can use the Live Chat option to cancel your plan:

  1. Speak to a customer support representative live
  2. Request your insurance plan to be canceled

The support representative will guide you through the process

Here is a summary of the methods you can use to cancel your American Family Insurance plan:

Can You Cancel Your Plan WithYes/No
Live ChatYes

What To Consider When Canceling American Family Insurance Yourself

Insurance companies are not really known for their exceptional customer service when it comes to cancellation. Users have reported various problems they’ve faced:

  • Insurance agents harassing customers to pay due amounts even after the insurance plans had been canceled
  • The company denying insurance on some products that they claim to cover in their insurance plans
  • Support agents having a poor attitude and behaving quite rude
  • Customers waiting on hold for hours when canceling their plan

DoNotPay Can Help You Cancel American Family Insurance in a Few Clicks

Canceling subscriptions and policies, especially insurance plans, can be exhausting and time-consuming. You have to wait for your agent to cancel your insurance policy, agents might not be helpful enough, and cancellation requests can take months to process.

Don’t let this bring you down! DoNotPay provides a simple solution to help you cancel American Family Insurance in a few clicks. All you have to do is:

  1. Select the Find Hidden Money option
  2. Enter American Family Insurance as the service you want to cancel

DoNotPay needs less than 48 hours to process your cancellation request. You will receive an automated email after the cancellation is complete.

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Can You Change Your American Family Insurance Plan?

Are you unsure about canceling your insurance plan? You have the option to change your policy and eliminate optional coverage to make your plan more affordable. You can check on the company’s website if you are eligible for any discounts based on your current insurance plan.

Has American Family Insurance Been Unfair to You? Send Demand Letters To Them With the Help of DoNotPay

If you believe that American Family Insurance wronged you and want to proceed legally, DoNotPay can assist in escalating the issue and suing them in small claims court. Recognized by the American Bar Association for our fight for customer advocacy, we offer administrative assistance to help you get the justice you deserve!

Want To Switch to Another Insurance Company?

Do you want to cancel American Family Insurance and choose a better option? Here are a few popular ones:


Insurance Focus

Budget DirectCar, travel, life, pet, and roadside insurance
AllWest Insurance ServicesHome, travel, business, and car insurance
Young Insurance BrokersHome, auto, property, commercial, and life insurance

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