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How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance if It Isn’t Working Out for You

Transamerica is in the top ten life insurance companies in the U.S. It offers universal, whole, and term life insurance policies.

Even though Transamerica life insurance sounds good on paper, many people decide to drop it. If you wish to save money, DoNotPay can help you do that in many ways. For one, it can help you cancel Transamerica insurance.

How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance the Hard Way

Canceling Transamerica insurance can be difficult and time-consuming. Here are the ways you can reach out to the company’s customer support team and ask them to cancel your policy:

Can You Cancel ViaYes/No
Website FormYes

How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance via Phone

Transamerica suggests that you contact it via phone if you wish to cancel your policy quickly. There are two customer support numbers on the company website:

  • 877-717-8858
  • 800-797-2643

Try calling the numbers in that order. The second one is for general purposes, and it might be busier. The official working hours of Transamerica support are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

An even easier method of canceling Transamerica insurance via phone is by calling your insurance agent, so if you have their number, you are in luck. Call them and say that you wish to cancel your policy.

If you need help locating your agent, you can use this online tool on the Transamerica website and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your ZIP code
  2. Click on Search
  3. Find nearby Transamerica offices

How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance via Website Form

If you prefer canceling through the official website, note that it’s a tad more difficult. Follow the instructions:

  1. Open the contact form on the Transamerica website
  2. Choose Insurance
  3. Click on Policyholders and General questions from the dropdown menus

Only then will you be able to enter your details and ask customer support about insurance cancellation. Mind the mandatory fields on this form—they’re marked with a star.

How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance via Letter

Sending letters is outdated, but it is still available as a last-resort type of deal to people who want to cancel Transamerica insurance. If you wish to use this cancellation method, send a letter to the Transamerica attorney at Corporate Law, 4333 Edgewood Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52499.

You’ll have to provide your first and last name, the last four digits of your social security number, and an account, certificate, or contract number.

How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance via Email

Transamerica customer support doesn’t have an official email address. You have to use the website form to reach them, but you can email the company’s lawyer about canceling your insurance. The email address of the Transamerica legal team is

For this method, you need to include your full name and the type of insurance you have in writing.

How To Cancel Transamerica Insurance the Easy WayWith DoNotPay

DoNotPay offers solutions for people who hate bureaucratic hurdles, such as canceling subscription-based services. You can cancel Transamerica insurance in just three steps if you use our AI Consumer Champion app:

  1. Tap the Find Hidden Money option
  2. Enter Transamerica insurance as the cancellation target

DoNotPay will let you know when the process is complete.

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Issues With Canceling Transamerica Insurance

Transamerica says that you can cancel your insurance policy at your convenience. Also, it claims that it will cancel your policy if you fail to pay your insurance on time.

You’re allowed to opt out without any repercussions for the first thirty days of signing your policy. Otherwise, you’ll be bound to arbitrate disputes according to the terms of the arbitration provision, which contradicts what the company says about canceling whenever you want.

There are many complaints about the Transamerica customer service team. The company’s clients say that they waited for hours on end to resolve their disputes.

Not Satisfied With Transamerica Insurance? You Should Check Out What Its Competitors Have To Offer

Everyone needs insurance, and it doesn’t have to come from Transamerica. You can opt for something cheaper, more popular, or more trustworthy. Here are the two best alternatives:



StateFarm $15.02–$19.14 per month
  • Budget-friendly
  • Popular, financially strong insurance company
  • Great coverage
Prudential$1–$100 per month
  • Quick coverage
  • Affordable plans that include Medicare
  • Helpful for minimizing offset taxes

Is Transamerica Being Difficult? Sue It With the Assistance of DoNotPay

Transamerica’s reputation on Better Business Bureau is not stellar, to say the least. If you think the company wronged you, you can sue it with our app’s help. DoNotPay is the world’s first AI Consumer Champion, and you can summon it to your defense.

If you , our app can assist you with:

  1. Writing a demand letter
  2. Filling out the required court documents
  3. Filing a complaint against Transamerica
  4. Strengthening your case by collecting solid evidence

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