How To Cancel Mbrace in a Flash

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How To Cancel Mbrace—Break Off the Embrace

Mbrace is a Mercedes-Benz suite of apps and services, and it comes in various packages. These packages are available for 2016–2018 models, and a similar set is offered for 2010–2015 models.

Mbrace is offered for free to new-vehicle owners in a six-month trial, but even pre-owned vehicle owners can get up to three months of free use. If you find it difficult to cancel mbrace, you came to the right place.

You can cancel mbrace at any time, following the methods we are about to show you. The best way to cancel any service online is with the help of DoNotPay.

How To Cancel Mbrace the Hard Way

If you’re not sure how to cancel mbrace manually, check out the table below to see which options are available with step-by-step instructions that follow.

C ViaYes/No
Website Live ChatYes
In PersonNo

How To Cancel Mbrace via Phone

The recommended way to cancel Mbrace is by calling the official Mercedes-Benz support. The toll-free number for its customer care center is 1-866-990-9007. Another listed number for Mercedes inquiries is 1-800-367-6372, so feel free to dial it if you can’t reach customer support using the first one.

How To Cancel Mbrace via Email

Canceling mbrace via email is available through the official customer support website. Follow the link, click on the Email/Write button, and do the following to cancel using this method:

  1. Click on the Inquiry Type menu and select mbrace
  2. Choose Subscription in the dropdown menu under Regarding
  3. Type in your question, i.e., say that you wish to cancel the service
  4. Enter your vehicle ID, first name, last name, email address, and phone number
  5. Click on Continue to submit your request

How To Cancel Mbrace via Website Live Chat

If the previous methods failed, try messaging Mercedes-Benz support via live chat. Use the support website again, but instead of Email/Write, choose Live Chat. The customer support working hours are 09:00 AM–04:00 PM EDT on the weekdays, and they don’t work on weekends. The website will notify you if the chat is not available at the time.

How To Cancel Mbrace via Letter

This method of cancellation is the least convenient, but you can try it. The official address of the Mercedes-Benz customer assistance center is 1 Mercedes-Benz Dr. Sandy Springs, GA, 30328. Canceling mbrace via a letter may work, but don’t expect a swift response.

Potential Issues With Canceling Mercedes-Benz Mbrace

There is an abundance of complaints on the internet from mbrace users regarding customer service, refunds, cancellation issues, the product’s features, etc.

According to customer reviews, Mercedes-Benz isn’t transparent enough about the mbrace charges and renewal, and it hardly gives refunds.

When trying to cancel, people failed to reach customer support via phone, which is supposed to be the best cancellation method, so you can imagine how hard it is to reach them by other means.

Although Mercedes-Benz doesn’t provide you with a plethora of cancellation options, there’s a way to cancel the service in a snap—with DoNotPay! Use our AI-powered app to speed up the cancellation process.

How To Cancel Mercedes-Benz Mbrace the Easy Way—With DoNotPay

Is Mercedes-Benz customer service sluggish and unresponsive? No worries—DoNotPay is here to save the day. You can cancel mbrace in minutes, and here is how to do it:

  1. Tap on the Find Hidden Money button
  2. Enter mbrace as your cancellation target
  3. Hold on for a minute, and DoNotPay will let you know when it’s done via email

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