Do Good and Cancel DoYouGoodyBox!

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Cancel Do You Goody Box and Be Good to Yourself

420 Goody Box, a Do You Goody Box product, is a monthly subscription box for smokers. Did you subscribe to 420 Goody Box but have sworn off smoking and want to cancel? Or do you want to unsubscribe because 420 Goody Box is not as impressive as you thought it would be? This straightforward guide provides detailed instructions and handy tips on how to cancel Do Your Goody Box easily.

Cancel 420 Goody Box With the Help of DoNotPay

Do you feel 420 Goody Box is not the dream subscription box for every smoker? Use DoNotPay to cancel your subscription quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Select Find Hidden Money
  2. Enter 420 Goody Box

Chill in your smoke-free zone while we start the cancellation process. We will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours confirming that your subscription has been canceled.

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How To Cancel 420 Goody Box Manually

You have multiple options to terminate your Do You Goody Box subscription:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Letter

How To Cancel Your Membership Over the Phone

Send a text to 805-600-5509 with personal information and payment details and request the customer support team to cancel your subscription. A representative will reach out to you to confirm your cancellation.

For a quick response, try to send a text during their business hours, i.e., Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Terminate Your Membership via Email

You can also send an email to the customer support team at and request to terminate your subscription.

All cancellation requests sent after the 15th of the current month take effect from the subsequent month.

Send a Letter and Cancel Your Subscription

You can also mail a letter to customer service at the following address:

2828 Cochran St. #117, Simi Valley, CA 93065

To cancel the 420 Goody Box subscription, you can choose from the options listed in the table below.

Can You Cancel Via?Yes/No
Support ticketNo
Live chatNo

Problems To Consider When Canceling 420 Goody Box

Canceling services yourself can be an overwhelming, exhausting, and time-consuming process. You might face the following problems:

  • Waiting forever for customer support representatives to respond via text, email, or letter when all you want is an instant cancellation
  • Struggling to find precise information regarding the cancellation procedure on the website

Unsubscribe via DoNotPay and skip the frustrating process. You get to save your time and money for something more useful!

Does 420 Goody Box Offer a Free Trial?

420 Goody Box does not offer a free trial. You will have to subscribe to get the subscription box.

Do You Want To Pause Your Subscription?

If you enjoy subscription boxes but want to pause your membership, 420 Goody Box allows you to do that. Send an email to and let customer support know for how long you want to pause your subscription.

A customer support representative will reach out to you to confirm that your subscription has been paused. If you make a request after the 15th, it will be applicable from the subsequent month.

Does 420 Goody Box Give Refunds if You Cancel Your Membership?

No, 420 Goody Box does not offer a refund if you unsubscribe. You can get the subscription box for that month, though.

If you send your request after the 15th, it will not be effective from the following month but the one after that.

Is 420 Goody Box Being Unfair? Let Us Help!

Have you noticed unusual charges to your account from 420 Goody Box? Do you have an unresolved dispute with their customer support team that you would like to escalate?

DoNotPay can provide administrative assistance and help you send demand letters to 420 Goody Box in small claims court! The world’s first AI Consumer Champion, recognized by the American Bar Association, can assist you in seeking justice and be your champion when fighting bureaucracy!

Looking for an Alternative to 420 Goody Box?

You might be super disappointed with 420 Goody Box, but the internet is overflowing with other subscription box services for smokers. Here are some of the trendy tobacco-enthusiast alternatives:



Hemper$40 per month
  • Customizable subscription boxes
Hippie Butler$16 per month
  • Customizable subscription box
  • Variety of smoking products
Cannabox$30 per month
  • Multitude of products
  • Monthly themes

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