Cancel the Finbox IO Subscription the Easy Way

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Here’s How To Cancel Finbox IO Easily With DoNotPay

Finbox is a stock market research platform that offers tools for analyzing data and gaining insight into 100,000 stocks on more than 135 stock exchanges around the planet. They promise to provide up-to-date information on publicly traded companies.

If you’re displeased with their services, DoNotPay can help you cancel Finbox IO in three simple steps.

How To Cancel Finbox IO With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay offers you the quickest and simplest way of canceling any service. If you don’t want to write emails and search through FAQs on various websites, you should .

After you log into your account, follow these steps to cancel Finbox:

  1. Search for the Find Hidden Money product
  2. Type in Finbox as the name of the service you want us to cancel
  3. Tap on Proceed

DoNotPay will cancel your subscription within 48 hours and send you a confirmation email as soon as it’s done.

DoNotPay can cancel similar services for you, such as:

How To Cancel Finbox Manually

You can cancel Finbox on your own using two methods:

  1. Through your account
  2. Via email
Can You Cancel Finbox ViaYes/No
Social NetworksNo

How To Cancel Finbox From Your Online Account

To cancel your Finbox subscription, you’ll need to sign in to your account first and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Account Tier
  2. Click on Configure on the left side of the page
  3. Tap on Cancel Subscription

You should receive an email confirmation after you cancel your account. Make sure to cancel the account before the next renewal date.

You can also downgrade your plan by selecting the Update Subscription button next to the Cancel Subscription option.

How To Cancel Finbox via Email

Finbox also allows you to cancel your account by submitting a request via email. To cancel your Finbox subscription this way, follow the instructions below:

  1. Write a cancellation request
  2. Send the request to
  3. Demand that the company sends you a confirmation email

What Are Some Alternatives to Finbox?

Since you’re canceling Finbox, you’re presumably dissatisfied by the way the platform works. You might be on the lookout for another similar platform that will satisfy your needs.

You can find alternatives to Finbox listed in the table below:



Bloomberg Terminal$24,000 a year
  • Includes financial reports
  • Contains real-time market prices and news
  • Supported on mobile devices
S & P Global Market IntelligenceStarts at $5,000 per year
  • Provides multi-asset and real-time data
  • Includes credit analytics and assessment
  • Supported on a mobile app
  • Includes document search of financial information
  • Contains analysis of document annotation, collaboration, and reports
  • Supports mobile users

Try New Services Without Worries With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Cards

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After the free trial expires, the service will try to charge you and fail because there are no funds on virtual credit cards. The company will proceed to cancel your account without any harm to your wallet!

DoNotPay Can Monitor Your Unused Subscriptions

Apart from canceling your subscriptions for you, DoNotPay can offer another useful feature integrated into the Find Hidden Money product. We can find all your subscriptions and tell you which ones you don’t use.

On average, 84% of Americans have no idea that they spend around $240 on subscriptions monthly. If you feel like you might be one of them, . All you need to do is connect your bank or email account to DoNotPay, and we will do the following:

  1. Find all your subscriptions
  2. Point out the services you don’t use
  3. Cancel all the services that only waste your money, but never without your permission

How Can DoNotPay Help You if Finbox Violated Your Consumer Rights?

DoNotPay can help you fight companies in small claims court. Our app is considered the world’s first AI Consumer Champion, and it was honored with the ABA Louis M. Brown Award for Access. We can help you get compensation of up to $10,000, depending on your state’s rules.

If you feel like Finbox violated your rights, DoNotPay can:

  • Create a demand letter
  • Fill out the claim if the company doesn’t respond to the demand letter
  • Help you gather all the information and evidence to support your claim
  • Draw up a script you can use in court to win your case

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