Cancel Southern Poverty Law Center Donations With DoNotPay

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Learn How To Cancel Southern Poverty Law Center With DoNotPay

The Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC) is a champion of racial justice, equality, and fairness in the South. The primary purpose of forming the SPLC was to abolish white supremacy, eradicate movement restrictions, and promote human rights for all without bias to race, color, gender, or any affiliations.

As a donor or Friend to The Southern Poverty Law Center, you pledge a predetermined amount each month to facilitate its day-to-day operations, including:

  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Support staff salaries
  • Rental expenses
  • Machinery maintenance costs
  • Other miscellaneous costs

If you're no longer interested in donating and you wish to cancel your monthly subscription, DoNotPay has got your back!

The Southern Poverty Law Center Cancellation Policy

The Southern Poverty Law Center donation pledge can be unsubscribed at any time. You can reach the SPLC customer care via:

  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Support

Canceling SPLC via Mail

The SPLC subscription cancellation can be made by sending a letter to The Southern Poverty Law Center’s customer service to the following address:

400 Washington Ave.

Montgomery, AL 36104

Canceling SPLC via Phone

When canceling your subscription by phone, call (334) 956-8200 or (888) 414-7752 (toll-free) and request a cancellation of your subscription.

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Canceling SPLC on the Website

Use the following steps for website cancellations:

  1. Access the Southern Poverty Law Center website
  2. Go to the Contact Us page
  3. Scroll down and click on Donor Support
  4. Enter the requested personal details
  5. Draft your cancellation request and submit it

Cancel SPLC Donation Subscription Using DoNotPay

It may be hard to cancel an annoying subscription, thanks to an unreachable or uncooperative support team. You can make the cancellation process more manageable by letting DoNotPay make the cancellation on your behalf.

Our way of handling the situation is simple! You won't be required to make any phone calls or fill tedious forms to unsubscribe. Follow the below-listed steps to cancel The Southern Poverty Law Center via our app successfully:

  1. from your favorite web browser
  2. Search for Find Hidden Money and click on it
  3. Type The Southern Poverty Law Center in the text box that appears
  4. Click Submit

At this point, DoNotPay gets in touch with The Southern Poverty Law Center, and your subscription is canceled. DoNotPay will send a successful unsubscription email to you after a maximum of 48 hours.

Potential Problems When Canceling Southern Poverty Law Center

When you google "how to cancel Southern Poverty Law Center," you'll find that the results are not straightforward, making people frustrated because they don't know how to cancel their donations. Some people have also complained about calling the center and their calls going unanswered.

This is exactly what DoNotPay is here for—to help you cancel subscriptions as persistent as this one.

You have to be mindful of the deadline for canceling the Southern Poverty Law Center. The last thing you want is to be charged for the upcoming donation before canceling the service.

Can You Pause Your SPLC Subscription?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has no provision for pausing your subscription. You can either continue donating or cancel your subscription. If the subscription doesn't work for you, contact DoNotPay and let us sort you out in a few minutes.

Here are some of the ways to cancel your SPLC donations.

Method of CancellationYes/No
In PersonNo
SPLC WebsiteYes
Phone CallYes

How To Monitor All Subscriptions Using the DoNotPay App

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Alternatives to Southern Poverty Law Center

If you’re searching for a suitable organization that you can extend contributions to, check out some of our picks:


Key Features

The Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center
  • Assists immigrants in need of aid
  • Helps to advocate for human rights
Color Of Change
  • Fights racist policies
  • Helps to create a less hostile environment for black people in America
Black Lives Matter
  • Fights white supremacists
  • Supports people protesting racist violence

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