How To Cancel Goglia Nutrition Plans

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How To Cancel Goglia Nutrition in a Tick

The idea of Goglia Nutrition’s healthy meal plans arose from methods used by Dr. Philip Goglia. His G-Plans are custom-made and based on each user’s metabolic type. If you use G-Plans but are not pleased with what you got, DoNotPay offers a quick way to cancel Goglia Nutrition!

Part Ways With Goglia Nutrition Using DoNotPay

Canceling Goglia Nutrition can be time-consuming if you do it the traditional way. Our awesome app offers a quick membership termination option that will take you only a few minutes to complete! Not only does DoNotPay save your time, but we also save you money that would otherwise be locked in an unwanted subscription!

Here is what you need to do to have us handle the cancellation:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Select the Hidden Money feature
  3. Click on Manage Subscription
  4. Enter Goglia Nutrition as the service you want to cancel
  5. Submit the request

After following these steps, all you have to do is wait for DoNotPay to notify you that the Goglia Nutrition membership has been canceled.

Use DoNotPay To Cancel Your Unused Active Subscriptions

Americans unknowingly spend nearly $240 on subscriptions every month! DoNotPay lowers your expenses by avoiding these charges. When you and connect your email, DoNotPay can identify and manage all of your subscriptions!

How To Cancel Goglia Nutrition by Yourself

Canceling your Goglia Nutrition account properly depends on where you purchased it—on the website, App Store, or Google Play. To cancel Goglia Nutrition the traditional way, you need to take some extra steps.

Cancel Goglia Plans via the Website

If you subscribed using the official G-Plans website, here’s how you can cancel your membership:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Look for the Your Membership section
  3. Click the Cancel Account button

According to the official website, that should be it!

Image source: G-Plans

Cancel Goglia Nutrition on the App Store

If you used Apple Pay, the process is different. Use your iPhone/iPad and follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Look for iTunes & App Store
  3. Click on your Apple ID and view Apple ID
  4. Tap Subscriptions
  5. Find the Goglia Nutrition subscription
  6. Use the available options to manage it

Cancel Goglia Nutrition on the Google Play Store

You cannot cancel your G-Plans subscription by uninstalling the app from your Android device. Open the Google Play Store and take the following steps:

  1. Tap Menu and look for Subscriptions
  2. Find the subscription you wish to cancel
  3. Tap Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions
Can You Cancel Goglia Nutrition ViaYes/No
In PersonNo
Company WebsiteYes
Google Play/App StoreYes

Potential Problems When Canceling Goglia Nutrition

Based on customer reviews, canceling the Goglia Nutrition subscription can be quite an issue. Goglia Nutrition claims to operate a 30-day money-back cancellation policy, but its users have had recurring issues, including:

  • Contacting customer support and getting no answer
  • Not receiving refunds
  • Being charged every month despite trying to cancel the subscription or free trial

If this happens to you, email Goglia Nutrition at To completely avoid all the hassle, use DoNotPay’s services! DoNotPay can reach out to any company's customer service and save you a lot of time—see how we got in touch with Amazon's support!

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Our Free Trial Card helps you avoid unwanted charges after your trial period. Once the trial expires and the company tries to withdraw funds from your payment method, it will fail and unsubscribe you automatically.

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Not Pleased With the Service? Cancel Goglia Nutrition Using DoNotPay and Look for Alternatives

You can continue to take care of your body by choosing another way to keep yourself healthy. Check out the best alternatives:

Beachbody on Demand$59.85–$160
HUM Nutrition$10–$60
  • Personalized solutions and nutrition advice
  • Clinically proven ingredients
Daily Burn$14.95–$26.95
  • Tailored programs for any level
  • Workout videos and nutrition plans
  • Cost-effective product bundles
  • The option of pausing a subscription

If you choose an alternative and then change your mind, use DoNotPay to cancel SkinnyFit or Daily Burn in a few steps!

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