Find a Notary in Scottsdale in No Time

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A Notary in Scottsdale on a High Scale

Having your documents notarized can be an easy process. We will provide enough information about how to reach a notary in Scottsdale fast and much more.

DoNotPay offers explanations and efficient features you can use from any corner of the USA—getting notary services has never been easier with DoNotPay.

What Notarial Acts Can a Notary in Scottsdale Perform?

A notary in Scottsdale can perform the following notarial acts:

Need To Find a Notary in Scottsdale?

To get a contract, car title, bill of sale, power of attorney, or any other document notarized, you first need to find a notary in Scottsdale. Here are two options you could use:

  1. Go through the search by yourself
  2. Use an online notary provider to connect you with a notary quickly

Look for a Notary on Your Own

If you need to start looking for a notary from scratch, you will have to walk down the following path:

Steps Ahead of You

Helpful Tips

Get familiar with different types of notariesYou should not opt for the first or closest notary public before exploring all the available choices. We provide information in this article

Search for a notary in Scottsdale

To run a search yourself, you can do it online. We recommend the following websites:

You could also visit some businesses in your vicinity to check whether they keep notaries public on staff—you might want to try these:

Get ahold of the chosen notary public Once you get the contact details, you should get in touch with a notary to:
  1. Set up an appointment
  2. Ask about:
    • The notary fees you must settle
    • The documentation you need to prepare
Collect the necessary documentationYou can use DoNotPay’s product to create tailored documents
Provide identification evidenceAs notaries have to check your identity, you could present your valid:
  • ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
Have a meeting with a notaryYou will meet with a notary at the agreed time:
  • At a suitable venue—with mobile notaries
  • In the notary’s office—with traditional and electronic notaries
  • Virtually and remotely—with online notaries

Choose an Automated Notary Provider

As we understand how much time and energy these above-listed activities can take, we have designed a feature that allows you to overcome many hurdles. to connect with a notary in three clicks!

What You Should Know About DoNotPay’s 24/7 Remote Notarization Services

DoNotPay provides a super fast and hassle-free remote online notarization. Not only can you access this service from any place—be it your car, cafe, home, or workplace—but you can also get your documents notarized:

  • 24/7
  • Safe and sound during the COVID-19 pandemic, as you do not need to meet with the notary face-to-face

If you find this convenient, and follow this short guide:

  1. Select the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Upload the document(s) you would like to notarize
  3. Provide your email address

The only thing left for you now is to go to your inbox and click on the link we emailed you. The link will direct you to a notary’s schedule to set up your online appointment.

Not only can we help get your documents notarized remotely in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we can also provide the same service in other U.S. states, including:

A Notary in Scottsdale—Available Types

You can select the most suitable type of notary public based on the documents you need to get notarized and your requirements. To help you choose, we provide the following table:

Notary Public


In-office notaryTraditional notaries provide the notary statement, signature, and stamp in their business place
Electronic notaryE-notaries—like regular notaries—only meet clients in their office. The difference between these two types is that electronic notaries deal with electronic documents while the regular ones notarize paper documentation
Notary signing agentThese certified agents notarize loan documents and handle additional activities, e.g., printing and delivering. Keep in mind that notarization of loan documents is usually more expensive than other documents
Mobile notaryThis type of notary public can notarize your documents at an agreed location. While practical—especially when the signer is staying in an institution, e.g., hospital, nursing home, or jail—it can be pricey. Mobile notaries are allowed to charge more because of their travel expenses
Online notaryOnline notaries provide remote online notarization (RON). Like with mobile notaries, you can stay at a convenient location during the notarization process. For RON—unlike for mobile notarization—you do not have to:
  1. Be in the same room with a notary
  2. Look for a notary since DoNotPay can connect you with one quickly

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