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Your Needs Sorted in No Time With a Notary in Indianapolis

Getting documents notarized is crucial to make sure they are as legally robust as possible.

Whether you are dealing with a will, an affidavit, or a bill of sale, a notary signature adds weight to a document and can avoid costly challenges at a later date.

As a resident of Indianapolis, IN, you have a wide choice of notary services you can use. DoNotPay is here to help you find the most efficient and cost-effective notary in Indianapolis!

How Does a Notary Public in Indianapolis Operate?

A notary witnesses your signature on a document and verifies that you are entitled to sign it.

Notaries do not question the contents of the documents you sign but prove that it has been signed. This means the signature can’t be contested at a later date.

Before witnessing your signature, a notary checks your:

  1. Identity
  2. Relationship to the document
  3. Competence to sign


A notary checks that you are who you claim to be, so you need to provide a photo ID that contains a sample of your signature—a passport or driver’s license fulfills these criteria.

Relationship to the Document

You need to demonstrate how the document being notarized concerns you, so you should identify yourself as:

  • The author
  • A signatory named in the document
  • A third party affected by the document

Competence To Sign

You may only sign a document if you are:

  • Over 18
  • Mentally capable of understanding what you are signing

A notary will ask you for proof of your age and may question you on your understanding of the document being notarized.

Once a notary is satisfied that you have fulfilled all these qualifications, you will be asked to sign the document and will receive a notary stamp and signature on it.

Where Are Notaries Located in Indianapolis?

You can have your documents notarized in Indianapolis in three ways:

Notary TypeExplanation

In-person notary

By far, the most common form is the in-person notary. Although some notaries offer walk-in services, you will probably have to make an appointment, meaning that you must:
  • Make room in your schedule
  • Travel to the notary’s office and find parking
  • Wait in line for your slot
  • Remember all the required documents

This is often inconvenient and time-consuming.

To search for a notary in Indianapolis, you can use these sites:

You can also usually find notarial services on offer in these locations:

Mobile notaryMobile notaries are more convenient as they travel to your location at an appointed time. They are often over-booked, though, so you may find it impractical to use a mobile notary if your document needs urgent notarization. Mobile notaries also charge for travel, so your costs may increase and outweigh the convenience of not having to leave your home or office
Online notaryIndiana allows you to use online notaries, so you can have your documents notarized via a video call. This combines the convenience of not having to travel with the speed of service you need

How Much Does a Notary in Indianapolis Cost?

Since May 1, 2019, notary fees across the state of Indiana have been fixed at $10 per signature for:

Any other services are subject to negotiation, so ancillaries such as printing, scanning, or photocopying may incur extra costs.

Can DoNotPay Help Me With Notarization in Indianapolis?

DoNotPay can solve your notarization problems in an instant!

By following these steps, we can connect you with one of our online notaries and get you sorted with a few clicks:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your web browser and
  2. Click on our Notarize Any Document product
  3. Upload the document you want notarized
  4. Give us your email address

In a few moments, you will get an email with a link to schedule your online notary appointment.

Can DoNotPay Help Me Elsewhere?

If you need a notary somewhere other than Indianapolis, you can check out your options in the other 27 states that allow online notarization:

States With Online Notarization
FloridaMarylandNorth DakotaVermont

Can DoNotPay Help Me Create a Document?

We understand that you may find it challenging to write a contract, so we can offer a range of and contract templates for you to customize—follow these steps to get the document you need:

  1. Sign in or
  2. Search for the document you need
  3. Fill in the details you want included
  4. Wait briefly while your document is created

We have a fast-growing range of documents, including:

  • Property documents
    • Lease agreement
    • Real estate purchase agreement
    • Estoppel certificate
    • Quitclaim deed
    • Intent to purchase real estate
  • Business documents
    • Non-compete agreement
    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • Operating agreement
    • Independent contractor agreement
    • Bill of sale
    • General business contract
  • Personal documents
    • General affidavit
    • Custody agreement
    • Prenuptial agreement
    • Promissory note

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