Mercari Account Suspended—Everything You Need To Know

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Is Your Mercari Account Suspended? Learn How To Get It Back

Mercari is a growing marketplace that attracts new shoppers and sellers daily. Having your Mercari account suspended after getting used to its functionalities can be stressful. Your use of the e-commerce store doesn’t need to end here—DoNotPay will help you get your account back!

Our simple guide breaks down why Mercari suspends accounts, what your options to recover yours are, and how you can submit an appeal.

What Can Get My Mercari Account Suspended?

While some activities can seem normal to you, Mercari might have rules against them. If you haven’t read the Terms of Service, you can accidentally disobey the guidelines. Any form of violation will end in a suspension—temporary or permanent.

Mercari will remove users who:

  1. List or sell prohibited items
  2. Act in a prohibited manner
  3. Violate the Terms of Service multiple times
  4. Have questionable activity on the account
  5. Need to go through a verification process

Listing or Selling Prohibited Items

Mercari has a list of prohibited items that users can’t sell or list, including:

  • Illegal items
  • Tobacco products
  • Drugs—Illegal drugs, medicine, and ingredients or tools for creating drugs
  • Alcohol
  • FDA-restricted items
  • Items with inflated prices listed to profit from a tragedy—such as pandemic, fire, flood, etc.
  • Stolen goods
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Weapons
  • Items used for identity theft
  • Products that aren’t in yours, such as dropshipping
  • Items that endanger someone’s safety
  • Financial products, such as bonds, stocks, and similar
  • Animals
  • Trafficked materials
  • Items that promote or glorify racism, hatred, violence, and discrimination
  • Products that contain a virus, malware, or spyware

Note that selling these types of products is forbidden on most e-commerce websites. If some of these products caused your suspension, you might want to revise your listings before you get suspended from Amazon, Etsy, or eBay as well.

Acting in a Prohibited Manner

The e-commerce platform has set some ground rules regarding users’ behavior. To make the exchange of goods respectful, Mercari doesn’t allow the following conduct:

  • Violating any local, state, national, or international law or regulation
  • Posting content that is offensive, inappropriate, sexually suggestive, or untruthful
  • Engaging in conduct that glorifies hatred, discrimination, violence, or offensive behavior
  • Interfering with Mercari’s security features
  • Uploading malicious code
  • Exercising fraudulent behavior

Violating the Terms of Service Multiple Times

The Terms of Service exist to establish order among users. If they don’t act accordingly, Mercari will remove their accounts for a set time or indefinitely—if you repeat the violation. Besides reading the rules on Prohibited Items and Prohibited Conduct, you should also revise these policies:

  • Seller Rules
  • Buyer Rules
  • Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice
  • Electronic Communications Delivery Policy (E-sign Disclosure and Consent)
  • DMCA Policy
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Law Enforcement and Information Requests
  • Sales Tax Policy

Having Questionable Activity on the Account

Keeping its users safe is a priority for Mercari. If the company notices unusual activity on your account, it will suspend you. The security team will look into what was wrong and lock your account in the meantime.

Mercari also protects buyers from suspicious sellers. If you have a high number of cancellations or returns, the platform will restrict your account until it investigates the problem. You can check our Mercari return policy guide if you have any questions regarding that.

Needing To Go Through the Verification Process

Sellers and buyers exchange money on the platform, so Mercari is required to verify their identities to ensure fair trade. The platform collects tax information from the users and has a obligation to check the validity of their information.

Your account can be suspended if Mercari needs additional data or verification steps from you. The suspension will be lifted when you supply the required documents and prove your identity.

Is My Mercari Account Suspended Indefinitely?

If you receive a notice about indefinite suspension, Mercari banned your account. You can be permanently suspended from the platform if you commit more serious violations—such as selling illegal items or committing fraud. Users who repeat a violation after they’ve been warned can also be banned for good.

When suspended indefinitely, you will be able to complete your transaction and request your remaining balance.

To get unbanned, you can file an appeal. If Mercari made a mistake, you can get your account back, but if found guilty, you will need to say goodbye to the marketplace.

How To Free Your Mercari Account

To resolve the account-suspension issue, you need to contact Mercari customer service. Follow these steps to get in touch with them:

  1. Go to the Contact Us page
  2. Select the Account option
  3. Select My account was limited
  4. Pick one of the provided reasons why your account was limited:
    1. My account was limited for identity verification
    2. My account was limited for unusual activity
    3. My funds are on hold
    4. My account was limited for prohibited item(s) or conduct
  5. Fill in the form under the Still need help option

Explain in detail what the issue is and provide images if applicable.

Keep in mind that Mercari has a high volume of inquiries, and it can take the reps a while to respond. If you don’t have time to waste, you can resort to a better solution—DoNotPay.

Recover Your Suspended Mercari Account With DoNotPay

Skip the endless back-and-forth discussion with the reps by using our nifty app. DoNotPay will generate a valid demand letter that will add weight to your appeal. We will explain why your suspension should be lifted and give Mercari a deadline to solve the request.

All you need to do to get your letter is:

  1. Choose the Unban My Account feature
  2. Answer the questions regarding your suspension, such as:
    1. The platform that suspended you
    2. The date when you first got suspended
    3. The reason that caused your suspension
    4. The refund request—if you want to make one

After you sign and submit the form, we will send the appeal to Mercari within minutes.

DoNotPay Will Help You Get Your Accounts Back

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