3 Steps to Recover Your Suspended Poshmark Account

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How to Get Your Suspended Poshmark Account Back

Poshmark is a popular platform for buying and selling secondhand clothing and accessories. Many people have started successful side hustles reselling clothes or have used the platform to get back some money from unwanted items. This means that if , it can disrupt your side income. Account suspensions are frustrating. Sometimes, companies don't make it clear what's going on and why they've suspended your account. The lack of transparency can make getting the issue resolved very difficult.

If you need to, DoNotPay can make it easier, and increase your chances of success. Here's what you should know about Poshmark account suspensions.

Why Does Poshmark Suspend Accounts?

, either temporarily or permanently, for violating the site's rules. If your account is banned, you'll lose your listings, and you won't have access to your closet. Common reasons for suspending or banning accounts are:

  1. Selling Counterfeit Items

It's not surprising that Poshmark doesn't allow counterfeit items to be sold. However, this rule also applies to describing items as "inspired by" a particular designer in your listing or selling items made from parts of authentic designer pieces.

  1. Selling Items Not Supported by Poshmark

Poshmark focuses on clothing and other fashion items. You can't sell electronics, health and wellness products, or furniture on the site.

  1. Harassing Other Users

Each Poshmark listing has a comments section that sellers and interested buyers can use to discuss the item available for sale. Poshmark expects users to behave kindly in the comments sections, and the site will ban users who don't follow this rule. This is pretty much the only way that buyers could have their accounts banned.

  1. Taking Sales off Poshmark

Like most third-party platforms that connect buyers and sellers, Poshmark does not allow users to avoid its fees by exchanging contact information and bypassing the site to make a sale.

  1. Not Shipping Items

Once you've made a sale, you need to ship the item within five days. You usually won't be banned for the first unshipped item, but multiple unshipped items can cause problems with your account.

  1. Taking Advantage of Buyers

Poshmark listings need to be honest, so inaccurate descriptions, incorrect stock photos, or sending something that isn't exactly what was listed can all get your account suspended.

Most of Poshmark's rules are pretty straightforward, but it's important to make sure that you know what you're allowed to sell and what other restrictions exist.

How to Get Your Poshmark Account Unsuspended on Your Own

Usually, if your Poshmark account is suspended or banned, you'll get an email explaining why. If you don't, you'll need to contact support and ask. Once you have an explanation, you can begin to plan your response. Many of the reasons Poshmark suspends accounts can be caused by a mistake or misunderstanding.

  • To contact support, you'll need to fill out the online form here.
  • In your message, explain what happened and ask to have your account reopened.
  • For example, if you made a mistake in a listing that a buyer felt was fraudulent, explain that it was a misunderstanding and that you'll be more careful with your listings in the future.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that Poshmark will reopen your account. If Poshmark doesn't reopen your account based on your online message, you can try sending a formal appeal letter by mail. Poshmark's mailing address is:

Poshmark HQ

203 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 8th Floor

Redwood City, CA 94065

How to Avoid Having Your Poshmark Account Suspended

There's no guarantee that Poshmark will unban your account, so it's best to avoid problems altogether. Follow these best practices to prevent problems.

  1. Know the Rules

Make sure you're aware of all of Poshmark's rules. Most are straightforward policies to make sure everyone has a good experience, but some, like which items can't be sold, aren't as obvious.

  1. Write Accurate Listings

It's important to describe your items accurately, which includes being completely upfront about flaws. Buyers will appreciate the honesty, which will be good for your reputation on the site.

  1. Be Proactive

If you make a mistake, take action immediately. If you've shipped the wrong item, contact Poshmark support. If there's an error in a listing, correct it as soon as you notice.

Making sure to follow these guidelines will reduce the risk of having your Poshmark account suspended. If something does happen, it's more likely to be a mistake that can be corrected quickly.

Easily Appeal Your Poshmark Suspension With DoNotPay

Reselling clothes on Poshmark can be a great way to make money from decluttering and can turn into a profitable side hustle. This means that having your Poshmark account suspended can make you lose a useful stream of income. Since the company has no obligation to reopen a suspended account, getting yours back can be difficult.

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We'll write Poshmark a custom appeal letter laying out your case and give the site a two-week deadline to get back to you.

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