Banned From Snapchat? Here’s Why It Happened and How To Reverse It

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Banned From Snapchat?—Here’s Why It Happened and How To Reverse It

Snapchat’s checks for T&C violations aren’t continuous, so you can easily get away with unknowingly breaking minor rules. It’s when the next compliance sweep comes up that you can have your account suspended or banned from Snapchat.

Losing access to hundreds or thousands of your photos and videos is frustrating. DoNotPay has a quick solution if you’re wondering how you can appeal your suspension or ban! and rely on our Unban My Account tool to file an unban request in a few simple steps.

Why Did I Get Banned From Snapchat?

If you tried to log in only to find out that your Snapchat account is locked, it may be that you violated some of their Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions. The unacceptable forms of conduct can be divided into three groups:

  1. Terms of Service violation
  2. Violence against other people or yourself
  3. Illegal content or behavior

Terms of Service Violation

Here are the most frequently dismissed rules that get people Snapchat-banned:

  • Adding third-party apps and plugins to your Snapchat—It may be tempting to add various tweaks to your Snapchat account to improve the app’s functionalities. Instead of enhancing your Snapchat features and experience, these additions can have you prohibited from using the service completely. Prohibited plug-ins include:
    • Phantom
    • SnapTools
    • Sneakaboo
    • Snapchat++
  • Posting sexually explicit content—Posts mustn’t include pornography or child sexual exploitation and nudity. You should have no interaction with this type of content (don’t post it, send it, or save it), especially when minors are featured. If you are younger than 18, you mustn’t produce or share sexually explicit content through the platform. Non-sexual nudity, such as breastfeeding, doesn't fall under the prohibited content

Violence Against Other People or Yourself

Snapchat doesn’t allow the expression of any form of violence, such as:

  • Bullying or harassing others—Snapchat may take action against your account if you use it to make other people feel bad. This includes:
    • Attempts to contact users who’ve blocked you
    • Sharing other people’s private info and photos without their approval
    • Refusing to remove this type of content after the featured person asked you to do so
  • Threatening others or promoting violence and harmful behavior—You are violating Snapchat’s Community Guidelines if you encourage violence or threaten someone to harm them. Posting this sort of material is also prohibited, including images that promote or glorify self-harm or eating disorders

Illegal Content or Behaviour

Displaying any form of conduct that is illegal and punishable by law is easily detected and sanctioned by Snapchat:

  • Any form of deceptive behavior—It’s prohibited to pretend to be someone else, spam, or manipulate content in an attempt to imitate the Snapchat format. You can also get suspended or banned for spreading harmful or hurtful false information, including:
    • Denial of the tragic events’ existence
    • Medical claims that cannot be backed up scientifically
    • Meddling with the integrity of the civic process
  • Promoting or trading in illegal goods or services—Criminal activities mustn’t be shared or promoted through Snapchat. Never use Snapchat for illegal activities, such as buying or selling drugs, weapons, or counterfeit objects
  • Hate speech and promotion of extremism in any form—Extremism or hate promoting speech is prohibited. You mustn’t discriminate against people on any basis, or else your account will get suspended

How Do I Get My Snapchat Unbanned?

The Snapchat ban is not permanent and you can lift the ban if you follow the appeals process. Here is how to get unbanned from Snapchat via their platform:

  1. Delete any third-party apps and plug-ins you’ve installed
  2. Go to the Snapchat Support page
  3. Find the Contact us link that will lead you to a contact form
  4. Mark I can’t access my account
  5. Click My account is locked in a new section of the form
  6. Find the Unlock your account link in the explanation section that will open up

If you have previously received a message notifying you that your account will be locked because of disregard for rules other than third-party app prohibition, you may not be able to unlock your account for some time. In that case, let a longer period pass before you attempt to initiate another unlock process.

Bear in mind that Snapchat bans are IP-based, so you won’t be able to bypass the ban decision by simply opening a new account. Your attempts at circumventing this ban will only prolong it.

Still Banned From Snapchat? DoNotPay Helps You Get Unbanned in a Few Easy Steps!

Filing a complaint through the Snapchat platform is fairly simple, but you may have to wait for the response frustratingly long.

DoNotPay helps you settle this problem in a significantly shorter time.

Our Unban My Account feature helps you put together and send a strong complaint letter with a two-week response deadline. This demand can be more effective than the one sent through the Snapchat platform as it puts additional pressure on their complaints department to treat your case as a priority.

Here’s how to create and send your complaint:

  1. and open Unban My Account tool
  2. Respond to a few questions regarding your Snapchat account, such as:
    1. User ID, email, phone number connected to it
    2. Whether you received a warning you were about to be banned
    3. The date when you were banned
  3. Let us know if you believe you are being discriminated against based on your gender, race, nationality, etc.

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