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Account Suspended—The Complete Guide on How To Get Unsuspended

Have you got notified that one of your accounts is suspended? If you are wondering what your next step should be, you’ve come to the right place.

This comprehensive guide provides you with answers to questions like why your account was suspended, how to get an account unbanned, and how to make an appeal to get your account up and running again.

Why Is My Account Suspended?

Most gaming and social media platforms have straightforward terms of service (ToS). These rules are created to protect you and your privacy, and if you violate them, you may lose access to your account.

That doesn’t mean you will get suspended as soon as you breach platform guidelines. The account suspension is usually the result of repetitive inappropriate behavior.

The type and duration of the suspension depend on the platform and its ToS.

For instance, social media platforms can lock you out of your account temporarily before suspending it indefinitely. Twitter can limit or suspend your account so you can’t tweet, retweet, or upload content. Instead of suspending your account completely, Twitter will allow you to keep a read-only account, but you will not be able to interact with other users.

If you violated terms of service in a game—such as GTA 5—you can get either temporarily suspended or permanently banned. Rockstar Games may allow you to play this game in Story Mode and enter only specific missions in the game if you committed a minor offense. Steam, on the other hand, may issue a permanent VAC ban immediately if they suspect you’re cheating.

Most platforms will restrict your account due to:

  1. Safety concerns
  2. Privacy infringements
  3. Authenticity violations
  4. Fraud indications

Account Banned Due to Safety Violations

Online safety concerns and violations include a wide specter of inappropriate actions, such as:

  • Abuse and harassment—Slurring and publicly humiliating other platform users
  • Violence—Glorifying violent acts and threatening other platform users
  • Hateful conduct—Promoting hate and harassing platform users based on their age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Terrorism—Promoting terroristic organizations or supporting their activities
  • Self-harm—Promoting violence towards yourself or glorifying suicide
  • Child exploitation—Sharing and uploading content that shows child abuse and exploitation

A safety violation is a serious offense and can result in a temporary suspension or a permanent suspension or ban of the account, depending on the nature and frequency of the violation.

Suspended Account—Privacy Violations

Privacy violations encompass any form of sharing someone else’s personal information without their consent. This can be anything from posting someone’s phone number publicly to threatening to expose someone’s intimate photos and videos.

Account Suspended Due to Authenticity Violations

Your account could also be suspended due to authenticity and intellectual property violation concerns. That can include spam, plagiarism, impersonation, and platform manipulation.

If you were to use someone else's content or post fake content to gain more followers on social media, that would be considered an authenticity violation.

Fraud Incited Account Bans

Your profile might be suspended due to fraudulent behavior. This can be you trying to sell or acquire illegal software for your gaming platform or providing your followers with misleading information.

Is Your Account Temporarily Suspended or Permanently Banned?

In most cases, you can get temporarily suspended or permanently banned from your social media or gaming platform account. Here’s the difference:

  • Temporary suspensions may be a result of unusual online behavior or some sort of safety check. Your account can be recovered easily by verifying your info or waiting a predetermined period, e.g., 24 hours. To learn more about temporary bans, you can take a look at our guides to Microsoft and PlayStation 4 temporary suspensions
  • Permanent suspensions are reserved for major violations, such as online safety and privacy violations. The ban can be permanent and irreversible, or you may get the platform to revoke your indefinite suspension after you file an appeal. Check out what permanent suspensions mean for League of Legends and Reddit accounts

How To Get Unsuspended or Unbanned

Each platform offers its own way to lift the ban or suspension of your account. This process usually includes:

  1. Visiting the Help page of the platform—such as what would you do if your Yahoo account got locked
  2. Locating an appeal form or customer service contact—like if you needed to file a Twitter suspension appeal
  3. Submitting an appeal through a form or email—like the appeal form you would use for Reddit suspensions

In the case of an appeal, you should explain your behavior and why you believe the suspension of your account was a mistake, unjustified, and wrong. If the company already provided you with a reason for your account ban or suspension and refused to change their decision, there will be no point in appealing again as the initial answer is final.

If you are appealing for the first time, the only thing left to do is to wait—or is it? Our app can create a demand letter to appeal to the platform and pressure it to process your request faster! and see how we can get one step closer to recovering your account.

Use DoNotPay—File an Appeal and Get Your Account Back

Whether you got banned from Snapchat, Tumblr, EA, or CS:GO, you will have to file an appeal to get your account back. That means you might have to wait for ages to get a response.

If that is something you don’t feel like doing, DoNotPay can draft a demand letter that warns the platform that you’re ready to take action if they don’t take you seriously.

Here is what you have to do to use our skills to your advantage:

  1. Select the Unban My Account product
  2. Enter the name of the company that suspended your account
  3. Choose the date of suspension
  4. Click Sign and Submit

DoNotPay will then draft a tailor-made appeal letter and send it to the company on your behalf. This letter will pressure the company to consider your appeal and process it faster.

DoNotPay Can Write an Appeal Letter for Account Suspension to Numerous Companies

Whether you got banned from gaming platforms or social media, DoNotPay will draft your appeal in the blink of an eye. Here are some of the companies our app can send an appeal letter to for you:

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