Etsy Account Suspended—Here Is How To Restore It

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Etsy Account Suspended—Everything You Need To Know

Were you surprised to find out your Etsy account was suspended? Don’t sweat about it. In this article, we will help you identify the exact reason you got your Etsy account suspended and show you how to file an appeal.

Why Is My Etsy Account Suspended?

Etsy will suspend your account if you have violated its rules and terms of use. The violations can be divided into three groups:

  1. Etsy terms of use violations
  2. Buyer rule violations
  3. Seller rule violations

Etsy Account Suspension for Violating Terms of Use

You are violating Etsy terms of use if you:

  • Are a minor
  • Provide false information on your account
  • Choose an offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate username
  • Use the platform for advertising another company
  • Post inappropriate, misleading, or offensive content
  • Miss your payments
  • Use your account for illegal activities (e.g., theft)
  • Use harmful computer codes and distribute viruses

Etsy Account Suspension Due to a Buyer Rule Violation

If you have a buyer account on Etsy, you can get banned when you break the rules from one of the following policies:

  • Hate speech and anti-discrimination policy—Don’t use your account to promote discrimination against certain ethnic or religious groups, individuals who have disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ population, etc.
  • Community policy—You shouldn’t use the Etsy community platform to share your disputes with Etsy representatives, engage in illegal activity, meddle with other buyers’ accounts, be disrespectful toward other buyers and sellers, and partake in similar actions
  • Sanction policy—Avoid using Etsy while you are in locations where Etsy doesn’t deliver or buy items originating from prohibited geographic areas (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria)

Etsy Account Suspension Due to a Seller Rule Violation

As a seller on Etsy, you have more responsibilities than the buyer. That means there are more rules you need to follow and more ways to get your account suspended. Here are some of the policies Etsy sellers need to follow:

  • Advertising and marketing policy—Avoid advertising on Etsy using another company
  • Payment and fees policy— Make your payments on time
  • Prohibited items policy—Do not sell items such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, animal products, human remains, weapons and hazardous materials, illegal items, pornography, internationally regulated items, and objects that promote hate and violence
  • Shipping policy—Ship your items to the right address, specify your shipping cost, and follow shipping procedures carefully
  • Seller referrals policy—Don’t use multiple accounts to get the seller’s credit
  • Intellectual property policy—You should not present the intellectual property of others as your own

Aside from these, sellers also have to follow all buyers' rules and policies.

How To Restore a Suspended Etsy Account

If you want to get your Etsy account back after being suspended, you can file an appeal. Etsy states that its users can appeal only permanently suspended accounts.

If you violated the terms of service multiple times, Etsy will not accept your appeal.

The Etsy Appeal Process

Before you file an appeal, you should thoroughly prepare the appeal and make sure it includes:

  • Circumstances that led to the account suspension
  • Description of your business relations with Etsy
  • Plan to avoid future violations
  • Details that prove your merchandise meets Etsy’s standards (if you’re a seller)

To submit an appeal letter properly, you should:

  1. Open the Submit a request page
  2. Complete the form by adding your email address, subject, and details of your request
  3. Attach photos and screenshots to support your appeal

After you provide all the necessary info, an Etsy representative will investigate your case and give you a response.

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