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Get Back on Tumblr! Banned Account Recovery Is Easy With DoNotPay

Over the past few years, Tumblr banned numerous accounts. This has been the consequence of the Community Guidelines update that introduced significant changes in criteria determining what classifies as the acceptable content.

This trend of frequent bans continues, but the support system doesn’t always get it right and often has accounts suspended or banned by mistake.

DoNotPay can help you appeal your suspension or a ban in a few simple steps. and have your complaint feedback in a matter of days.

Why You Got Banned From Tumblr

Over the past few years, Tumblr changed its Community Guidelines significantly. The platform now leans toward family-safe rather than previously allowed explicit content.

This means that you need to be careful when choosing the material to share on your account or blog. Chances are you got banned because some of the posts that seemed “safe” to you triggered the platform’s security algorithm. You could have also made other errors unknowingly.

Here are some types of content you should avoid in the future:

  1. Sexually explicit (NSFW) content, as the most frequent cause of bans
  2. Other types of explicit posts

Tumblr Account Banned for NSFW Content

Adult content is the most common reason behind Tumblr bans and other account restrictions. Don’t post any visual material that shows human genitals, female nipples, or sex acts. As banned pictures, Tumblr counts even illustrations that are realistic enough to be mistaken for real human photographs.

Banned From Tumblr Due to Other Types of Unacceptable Content

The following types of posts are also among those considered explicit or unacceptable on Tumblr:

  • Harm to minors—Posting or requesting content that features or promotes abuse of minors, including sexual content involving a minor, is prohibited. This rule covers both real-life visuals, animations, and illustrations
  • Promotion of self-harm—Any content that glorifies self-harm or suicide is forbidden. This includes the promotion of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders
  • Violence and threats towards others—Don’t share any content that involves threats, violence, or any form of property or financial damage. This also includes posts containing gore and mutilation of both humans and animals
  • Hate speech—Any form of promoting hatred is prohibited, including the promotion of discrimination or violence against other races, ethnic groups, religions, gender, age groups, or sexual orientations
  • Terrorism—Tumblr doesn’t allow any expression of support or promotion of terrorist acts or organizations
  • Spam—Don’t create spam either in the form of posts or messages. This includes incorrect or misleading use of tags

How To Recover Your Tumblr Banned Account

You can file an appeal to your banned account directly through the Tumblr platform. Take a look at the steps:

  1. Log into your blocked account
  2. Click Contact Support (you can also access their support page)
  3. Choose the reason why you are reaching out
  4. Attach any proof you have in your defense
  5. Write a message stating why you believe you’ve been wrongly banned
  6. Provide the email address connected to your account
  7. Submit the form

Once you’ve sent the appeal, keep checking your email account for new messages from Tumblr’s support. Keep in mind that their response might take a while, and you may have to wait for a response for days.

Banned From Tumblr? Rely on DoNotPay and Reclaim Your Account Now!

Waiting indefinitely for a Tumblr support response regarding your unban request also affects your blog’s traffic. While Tumblr support agents are making their way to your case, your blog is losing followers, visitors, and all your hard work can easily go down the drain.

DoNotPay has a quicker way for you to get unbanned.

, and we’ll generate an original and effective complaint letter that will make Tumblr customer support take you seriously and analyze your issue thoroughly.

All you need to do is:

  1. Give us the name of the platform where you have issues
  2. Provide us with your account details (the email address that you connected to the account, your account ID, and the date when you got banned)
  3. Inform us of any suspicions you have that you are being discriminated against based on your nationality, religion, race, etc.

Once we fit all this data into your complaint, we will forward it to Tumblr and give their support department two weeks to come up with a response. This way, we’ll put some more pressure on their agents to review your case in the shortest possible time.

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