Pinterest Suspended Your Account? Here’s What To Do!

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Uncover Why Pinterest Suspended Your Account and Find Out What To Do

Pinterest is a popular platform enjoyed by over 470 million users. A sudden suspension notice can ruin the excitement of using this app, though. Why did this happen? Can you get your account back?

DoNotPay can help you uncover why Pinterest suspended your account! Our guide reveals potential reasons for the suspension, steps to getting the account unsuspended, and the decision appeal process.

Suspended vs. Banned Account—What’s the Difference?

Suspension is temporary, and you can get your account back in 7–10 days. If Pinterest suspends your account, it wants to warn you about your wrongdoings by locking you out.

Getting banned means that you are permanently removed from the platform. You can still get your account unbanned, but it will be more demanding than lifting a suspension. If Pinterest finds that you are ban-ready, you must have a good explanation to prove it otherwise.

Why Was My Pinterest Account Suspended?

Pinterest has a low tolerance for spam accounts and guideline disrespect. It does a regular check to detect and remove accounts with spam-like behavior. The purpose is to improve user experience and ensure safety. While the intentions are good, the platform can sometimes sweep legitimate users along with spammers.

What Pinterest considers going against its spam policies is:

  • Pinning repetitive posts
  • Adding the same pin to multiple boards, several times a day
  • Sending too many pins in one day
  • Including misleading links
  • Posting commercial, unsolicited, or deceptive comments

An account can be suspended if the user disregards the Community Guidelines by:

  • Posting explicit, false, or violent content
  • Acting in a harmful, hateful, or misleading way
  • Uploading content showing physical, financial, or sexual exploitation
  • Distributing disinformation
  • Insulting or antagonizing individuals or groups
  • Revealing confidential information
  • Using threatening language
  • Impersonating a person or organization
  • Infringing on someone’s intellectual property

If the platform finds that you violated its policies and guidelines, it will suspend you. Another user can report you, which can also put you in Pinterest jail. In case your activity doesn’t match any of the listed violations, you are probably a victim of Pinterest’s sweep.

The first sign of a suspended account is being unable to log in or access your page on the web. Pinterest will then display a message informing you of its decision.

How Long Does Pinterest Suspension Last?

How long the suspension will last depends on how well and fast you’ll clarify the misunderstanding. While the Pinterest suspension message says that your account will be active within 48 hours—if you did nothing wrong—the suspension can last longer. You need to settle the case with the platform, which can take up to ten days.

How To Get Pinterest Account Unsuspended

There’s only one path to getting unsuspended—submitting an appeal.

In the suspension notice, you’ll find a link to open a discussion. It says that the link will expire after seven days, so you must appeal before the deadline passes.

If you missed that link, no worries—follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Help Center page
  2. Click on Appeals
  3. Select Appeal Account Suspension
  4. Provide your information

Use the Description section to make your case. Explain that you are a legit user and that you haven’t done anything to violate the terms. If you know why you got suspended, send screenshots that prove you’re not a wrongdoer. Keep your frustration on the low, and write respectfully.

Once you send the message, you’ll get an automated email to confirm that you made an appeal. If the email isn’t automated, you will find a representative’s name at the bottom. You can reply to this message to reassure them that you aren’t a spam account and get a response faster.

Arm yourself with patience because it can take a few days before they answer. For every email you send, you could wait two to three days for a response.

Do you want to make sure that you don’t get ignored? !

How Can DoNotPay Help?

DoNotPay will put pressure on the company to solve your appeal. We will create and send a demand letter with a response deadline so that Pinterest takes you seriously.

To put your appeal in motion, do the following:

  1. Enter Unban My Account in the search bar
  2. Fill in the form by providing:
    1. The name of the company
    2. The date when you got suspended
    3. Your current address
    4. An explanation why you got suspended (if applicable)
    5. Information about whether you have a paid subscription, and if you do, whether you want a refund
    6. Your username

If you feel discriminated against, let us know while completing the questionnaire—we can use it to strengthen your case.

You will also need to verify your signature to validate the document.

Note that we can appeal to the platform's original decision, not the final one. If you have already messaged Pinterest representatives and they said that your suspension won’t be lifted, the case is closed. While they can be in the wrong, they have the right to remove or suspend the users if they find this action justified.

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