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Do You Have To Use the Home Depot Call-In-Sick Number To Get Sick Leave?

If you don’t feel well, you should call in sick, especially if you’ve got a cold, the flu, COVID-19, or some other contagious illness. It depends on your state law and company policy whether you can get paid sick leave or not.

This article shows how many days you can get, what Home Depot call-in-sick number you should call, and what other ways you can use to request your sick leave at this company.

Home Depot’s Call-In-Sick Policy

According to Home Depot’s call-in-sick policy, you need to get in touch with your store as soon as you realize that you won’t be able to come in due to illness.

If you’re sick, you can take one of the following options:

When You Call in Sick at Home Depot—Available OptionsDetails
Use sick leaveYou can get paid sick leave if you’ve accrued some from all the hours you’ve worked. The number of paid sick leave days you can use depends on:
  • The type of contract you have
  • How many hours you work
  • The state your store is located in

If you’ve worked at Home Depot for 30 days, you can get, for instance:

  • Two hours a month
  • Four additional hours each month after your hire date
Be assigned an occurrenceIf you don’t have enough time off, your superior will give you an occurrence. You can get up to:
  1. Three occurrences before Home Depot takes disciplinary action against you
  2. Seven occurrences before they let you go—You could prevent this if you:
    1. Qualify for the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act
    2. Provide a justifiable reason or doctor’s notice

Home Depot Paid Sick Days—Get a Leave of Absence

As no one should be forced to work when ill, you:

  • Could take a leave of absence if you have ongoing health issues
  • Need to discuss the matter first with your manager or HR

Keep in mind that Home Depot won’t add your accrued sick leave time to your final paycheck in case you:

  1. Quit
  2. Get fired

How To Call in Sick at Home Depot

You can call in sick at Home Depot by following these steps:

  1. Call your manager—Since you should get in touch with your manager as soon as you realize you’re not well enough to work, phoning your manager might not be the quickest option as you’ll need to wait for the store to open to reach them (unless you’re allowed to call your manager on their mobile)
  2. Send a call-in-sick email—If you have your manager’s email address and know that they will be checking their emails as soon as they come to the store, you could submit your sick leave request via email
  3. —You can focus on your recovery since our AI Consumer Champion can generate and deliver your sick leave request in a matter of minutes!

DoNotPay Takes Care of Your Sick Leave Request Efficiently

Our AI-powered app has a vast database with relevant state laws. We know what requirement your sick leave request needs to meet and will ensure:

  • You get a rock-solid form to submit to your employer
  • Your company receives your sick leave request immediately—You get to choose if you’d like us to deliver the document to you or your employer directly

The process is easy. and:

  1. Head to the Request Sick Leave product
  2. Enter the state your employer is located in
  3. Provide some information about your company and inform us how long you’ll be absent
  4. Select whether you’d like DoNotPay to send your sick leave request to you or your employer

If you get fired for being sick, DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to your company.

To get a better understanding of state laws concerning sick leave, take a look at the table below:

CaliforniaArizonaPennsylvaniaNorth Carolina
New YorkMichiganFloridaVirginia
WashingtonColoradoVermontRhode Island
New JerseyWashington D.C.OhioGeorgia

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