Can You Get Sick Leave Without Using the Sam’s Club Call In Sick Number?

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The Sam’s Club Call In Sick Number—Need-To-Know Information

Are you or a family member experiencing health issues, but you don’t know how to call in sick at Sam’s Club? Don’t fret—we’ll provide all the info you need to request sick leave without resorting to the Sam’s Club call in sick number.

You shouldn’t force yourself to work while ill, and our app will help you submit a sick leave request letter in record time!

Sam’s Club Sick Leave Policy Deciphered

Sam’s Club sick leave policy provides paid time off to employees who are absent from work due to:

  • Their illness or injury
  • Serious illness or injury of a family member
  • Care for an elderly or disabled family member
  • Safety reasons (i.e., domestic or sexual violence)

Note that the list above is not exclusive, as the specifics depend on your state’s laws regarding sick leave.

How Many Sick Leave Days Can You Get?

The number of sick leave hours Sam’s Club provides you with depends on whether you are a full-time associate or working part-time:

Employee TypeSick Leave Days
Full-time employee80 hours
Part-time employee48 hours

The exact number varies depending on your local chain—your manager usually has the final say.

Be aware that the company’s policy requires you to cash out the accrued hours—you cannot carry over paid time off from one year to the next. Sam’s Club also won’t pay you for any unused sick days upon termination of your contract.

Getting Sick Leave at Sam’s Club—What’s the Call In Sick Number?

To request sick leave from Sam’s Club, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the Associate Information Line at 800-775-5944
  2. Check how many sick leave hours you have available
  3. State your circumstances and the reasons for taking sick leave
  4. Submit your request

Your request will be denied if you have no sick days left. In such cases, you'll only be able to take unpaid time off. If your manager is ungenerous, you may even be required to attend work sick.

Calling In Sick at Sam’s Club—COVID-19 Edition

In times of pandemic, many stores—including Sam’s Club—have established special policies regarding sick leave. This table will show you the conditions you have to meet to be eligible for any COVID-related time off:

ConditionTime Off
Uncomfortable going to work due to fear of contracting COVID-19Unlimited unpaid time off (unless you use regular paid time off options)
In mandated quarantine14 days of paid absence
Confirmed case of COVID-1914 days of paid sick leave—if you are still unable to work after that time, the company will provide additional 26 weeks with pay replacement benefits

As of now, the policy will be in effect until the end of December. You should still write an email to your manager to inform them of any COVID-related circumstances that prevent you from going to work.

Submit a Sick Leave Request Letter Hassle-Free With DoNotPay!

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  • Forwarding the letter to your employer on your behalf

To use our product, take these easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Select the Request Sick Leave tool
  2. State the company you’re working for and the amount of time off you’ll need
  3. Submit the letter

If you’re curious about state-specific sick leave laws, our knowledge base has you covered:

CaliforniaArizonaPennsylvaniaNorth Carolina
New YorkMichiganFloridaVirginia
WashingtonColoradoVermontRhode Island
New JerseyWashington D.C.OhioGeorgia

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