The Philadelphia Sick Leave Law Explained

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Your Go-To Guide to the Philadelphia Sick Leave Law

What does the Philadelphia sick leave law say about the amount of sick leave employers are required to provide? It’s a valid question since attending work while sick can not only worsen your health issues—it can endanger the health of your customers and fellow workers.

Are you ill but don’t know how to call in sick—or are you worried that you won’t get time off? This guide will teach you all about the Philadelphia paid sick leave law.

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How Does the Philadelphia Sick Leave Law Work?

Laws on sick leave vary from state to state since there is no federal body that regulates how many sick days an employer has to provide to their employees. In 2021, Philadelphia issued a law called the Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces Ordinance, which offers protection to employees on sick leave.

The following table will show you whether an employer in Philadelphia has to provide paid or unpaid sick leave, depending on their number of employees:

Number of EmployeesType of Time Off
Ten or morePaid
Nine or fewerUnpaid

Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Ordinance—Are You Eligible for Paid Time Off?

While companies may have independent rules regarding sick days, the Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Ordinance states that employers should give paid sick leave to employees who are:

  1. Ill or severely injured
  2. In need of medical diagnosis
  3. In need of preventive care
  4. Subjected to domestic or sexual abuse or stalking

In Philadelphia, paid sick time is guaranteed to most employees who work at least 40 hours a year. The following categories are not covered by the ordinance:

  • Independent contractors
  • Seasonal workers
  • Adjunct professors
  • Interns
  • Pool employees
  • Employees whose time off is covered by collective bargaining agreements
  • Employees who have been hired for less than six months
  • All state and federal government employees

How Many Paid Sick Days Do You Get in Philadelphia?

According to the Philadelphia sick leave law, employees are entitled to one paid sick day off for every 40 hours spent at work.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Ordinance requires employers with more than 500 employees to provide 112 paid sick leave hours to those who are:

  • Quarantined
  • Showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Suffering from a case of COVID-19
  • Caring for family members affected by COVID-19
  • Providing care or guardianship to a minor
  • Requesting time off to be vaccinated

Employers who have 50 or more employees need to provide at least 80 paid sick leave hours.

Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Poster—Sick Leave Notice

The Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Ordinance also requires employers to inform their employees of their right to sick leave. They can do this by:

  1. Writing a notice and sending it via email to their employees
  2. Displaying the Philadelphia paid sick leave poster at the workplace

Employers are also forbidden from firing employees who choose to exercise their right to sick leave—you can even send demand letters to your boss if they punish you for taking time off!

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