Do I Have To Find Someone To Cover My Shift if I Call in Sick? Get the Latest Info NOW!

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Do I Have To Find Someone To Cover My Shift if I Call in Sick? DoNotPay Knows!

Do I have to find someone to cover my shift if I call in sick? This particular issue can be tricky to resolve on your own, but we can help you get started. This comprehensive guide will walk you through:

  • Responsibilities of the employer and employee regarding shift coverage
  • Laws in the United States that protect employees

If you plan to call in sick, you might also need a sick leave request, and DoNotPay can help you send one to your employer in a jiffy!

Who Is Responsible for Finding a Replacement if You Call in Sick?

The definitive answer to this question depends on various factors, such as:

In most cases, your employer has to find a replacement to cover you if you request a sick day off. There are numerous reasons why your employer should allow sick leave and manage human resources:

  • You can’t reach peak productivity when you’re sick—You will accomplish better results at work if you take time to rest and recover
  • You have to come to work sick if you don’t find a replacement—Being sick at work bears the risk of spreading disease to more employees
  • It’s a poor approach to force sick employees to work or look for someone to cover their shiftEmployees should always be allowed to call in sick when they need to

You should always check with your company’s HR department and ask about laws and policies that could work in your favor.

Are There Any Laws That Protect Employees’ Right to Time Off?

Take a look at some of the laws that could work in your favor if you’re dealing with a stubborn employer:

Local (state, county, or city) laws regulating paid and unpaid sick leaveLaws regarding mandatory paid and unpaid sick leave and other time off for employees can differ even from city to city
Americans with Disabilities ActThis act applies to employers with 15 or more employees
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)This act applies to employers with 50 or more employees who are within a 75-mile radius. Employers who are too sick to come to work but don’t qualify for a disability can use the FMLA to their advantage
Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act You can have up to ten days of sick leave if you suffered consequences caused by COVID-19

How To Call In Sick

Before you call in sick, make sure you:

  • Check your company’s time off policy
  • Are certain you’ll be unable to work (not even from your home)
  • Consult the law about your allowed time off

If you want to learn about your state’s sick leave laws, we can help! Our comprehensive guides are waiting for you—all you need to do is find your state in the table below:

New York New Jersey Virginia
PennsylvaniaRhode Island Michigan
FloridaTexasNorth Carolina
Washington D.C.Washington Ohio

You can call in sick by:

  1. Calling your boss
  2. Sending an email or SMS

Send a Sick Leave Request the Easy Way With DoNotPay!

With DoNotPay, you don’t have to spend much time trying to sound convincing, so your employer will budge and approve your sick leave. Our app creates a convincing sick leave request letter for you in a snap—all you need to do is and:

  1. Search for Sick Leave Request
  2. Enter the name of the state you live in
  3. Tell us about your employer and the amount of time off you need

All you need to do now is select whether you want the app to forward the letter to your employer or send it to your email.

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DoNotPay—an ABA Brown Award recipient—is the best ally in your fight for justice! If your employer doesn’t allow sick leave, our app can help you sue them by:

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  • Filing your complaint
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