Everything There’s To Know About the Oregon Sick Leave Law

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Dissecting the Oregon Sick Leave Law

Are you unsure if you’re allowed to call in sick?

Your boss may not have told you about the Oregon sick leave law. If you qualify for its coverage, you have likely accrued enough time to avoid having to be sick at work. Every state has different laws governing sick leave—it’s important to understand what Oregon offers you.

This article will explain how paid sick leave works, what you are entitled to, and how to request time off. If you’re worried about broaching the topic with your boss, try DoNotPay—our Request Sick Leave product will .

What Is the Oregon Sick Leave Law?

Oregon Paid Sick Time law allows eligible workers to earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. You can accrue up to 40 hours per year.

Consider yourself fortunate—more than 33 million employed Americans lack access to benefits like this.

Oregon Sick Leave Law—Coverage and Eligibility

This legislation applies to Oregon-based employees of businesses with ten or more staff members (or six if it has a location in Portland). The following types of employment are not eligible for paid sick leave under this law:

  • Federal
  • Independent contracting
  • Work-study
  • Railroad work
  • Family-based employment

How To Use Oregon Paid Sick Leave

You may use your earned sick days for the following purposes:

  • Recovery from a mental or physical illness, injury, or health condition
  • Care for a family member recovering from one of the above conditions
  • Bereavement
  • Maternity or paternity leave
  • Closure of your workplace or your child’s school or daycare due to a health emergency
  • Management of recovery or legal activities concerning an incident of domestic violence or a sexual offense

While this specific law does not apply to medical situations relating to COVID-19, the federal government has implemented emergency legislation to last the duration of the pandemic.

How Much Do You Earn While on Sick Leave?

The Oregon sick leave law enables sick leave for eligible employees. Whether or not it is paid depends on what the size of the business is and whether or not it operates in Portland:

Number of EmployeesPaid or Unpaid
Ten or fewerUnpaid
Six or more (in Portland)Paid
Ten or morePaid

When and How To Request Oregon Sick Leave

How sick is too sick to work? While you may feel pressured to go to work when dealing with a minor cold, the CDC recommends otherwise.

Oregon state laws make it illegal for your boss to force you to work while sick. Your manager cannot legally terminate your employment for using your accrued sick time. If your employer violates your rights, you can file a complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries.

If you need to take time off to manage an illness, check if your employer has implemented an official policy. You may need to fill out an online form or call a specific phone line.

Otherwise, you can contact your manager in one of two ways:

  1. Phone
  2. Email

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