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Should I Call In Sick if I Have a Cold? Here’s What You Should Know

With the pandemic changing the way we view illnesses and precautionary measures, coming to work sick can put you and your colleagues at risk—even if you think you only have a cold. Should I call in sick if I have a cold? can help you find the answer!

Can I Ask for Sick Leave?

The United States federal laws do not mandate employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees. Many companies choose to do so, but the exact number of days you can take off depends entirely on your employer.

Companies that fall under the Family and Medical Leave Act criteria are also required to provide unpaid time off to companies due to illness.

Sick Leave Laws by State

Several states in the country make it mandatory for companies to provide time off to sick employees, but not all require the leave to be paid. The following table can help you get information about some states and their laws on this topic:

New York New Jersey Virginia
Washington D.C.Washington Ohio
PennsylvaniaRhode Island Michigan
FloridaTexasNorth Carolina

When Should I Call In Sick?

If you have a cold, the chances are it’s nothing to worry about. You should still take precautions such as:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Maintaining social distance
  • Sneezing into your elbow or a napkin

You should immediately go home and isolate yourself if:

  • Your cold is accompanied by a fever
  • You feel nauseous or have a severe headache

Drink plenty of water and take the necessary medication. If your fever persists for more than 24 hours, consult a doctor and get tested for COVID-19.

What Can I Do Instead of Calling In Sick?

If you’re feeling sick at work and are worried about putting yourself and your coworkers are risk, you can choose one of the following alternatives to calling in sick:

  • Talk to your supervisor and ask to work from home
  • Conduct all your meetings online or skip them if you can
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
  • Wipe down all surfaces you come in contact with
  • Avoid touching your eyes or mouth

Why Do Some People Refrain From Calling In Sick?

Many people hesitate to call in sick for the following reasons:

  • Their company does not provide paid sick leave
  • They have used up all their paid days off
  • Their supervisor or manager did not allow them to take time off
  • They have too much work that cannot be delayed or delegated

DoNotPay Can Help You Ask for Sick Leave

The processes for requesting sick leave vary from company to company. Some employers expect their employees to fill out forms or send out formal emails, while others accept call-ins.

If you’re struggling to ask for time off, use DoNotPay and leave the hassle to us. We can help you apply for sick leave quickly and without extra complications.

To do so:

  1. and locate the Request Sick Leave product
  2. Type in the information about yourself and your employer
  3. Tell us where you live so we can show you state-specific regulations
  4. Sign electronically and click on Submit

We will generate a custom request letter on your behalf if you are eligible for time off. You can also choose to email the letter directly to your employer from the app.

Feeling Wronged by Your Employer? Send demand letters to Them With DoNotPay!

If your employer is forcing you to work while you’re sick or threatening to fire you for requesting time off, you can send demand letters to them in small claims court with DoNotPay! We can help you:

  1. Draft the demand letter
  2. Gather paperwork and fill out forms
  3. File the lawsuit
  4. Draft the argumentation script to be used in court

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The assistance we can provide doesn’t stop here! Check out the table below for more details on our services:

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