Homeschooling a Dyslexic Child—Are You Up for the Job?

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Everything You Should Know About Homeschooling a Dyslexic Child

Parents who homeschool know the amount of dedication and energy teaching at home requires. If children have any special learning needs, the job becomes even more demanding.

Should you start homeschooling a dyslexic child? to get the essential info about teaching a child with dyslexia. We will present the benefits and challenges of teaching at home and create a notice of intent to homeschool on your behalf to take some administrative burden off your back.

The Downsides of Sending Dyslexic Children to Schools

It’s no secret that public education is far from perfect, but it’s important to understand how much it can affect children’s development. Most public schools don’t test for learning issues until 3rd grade, even though detecting problems as early as possible is of utmost importance.

A staggering 80–90% of students have dyslexia. Despite such a high percentage, the public school system does not test for dyslexia or attempt to address the issue by using the methods available.

Considering these disturbing facts, an answer to whether you should start homeschooling a dyslexic child is a simple one.

How to Start Homeschooling a Child With Dyslexia

Before you take your child out of school, you should be aware of the essential homeschooling requirements. As a parent of a dyslexic child, you should:

  • Learn about your state laws and how your district regulates homeschooling
  • Hire a reading specialist who is going to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Research the resources available and find out if your state gives homeschoolers with learning disabilities access to special services
  • Find the optimal homeschool curriculum for your child’s learning needs

Learning Preferences of Dyslexic Children To Be Aware Of

Even though every child is unique, dyslexic children often have similar learning preferences. Kids who experience difficulties with reading:

  • Prefer shorter teaching sessions
  • Do better with auditory learning
  • Like discussing the material
  • Don’t like writing exercises
  • Don’t do well in reading exercises
  • Are not fans of rote memorization

Homeschool Curriculum for Dyslexic Students

The offer of homeschooling curriculums is endless, but you need to be careful when choosing one for a child with dyslexia. Here are some handy tips on finding a suitable learning program for your student:

  1. Search for a curriculum that fits your child’s learning style
  2. Read all the reviews carefully
  3. Ask other homeschooling parents with dyslexic kids for advice
  4. Look for a curriculum with audio options
  5. Search for a curriculum with hands-on activities

Challenges and Benefits of Homeschooling Dyslexic Children

Even though deciding to homeschool a dyslexic child will be beneficial for them, you will have to put twice as much time and effort into teaching. Refer to the table below for a brief overview of what you can expect during the process:

  • Customizing learning materials to your child’s specific learning requirements
  • Developing lessons based on your child’s interests
  • Adapting the pace
  • Hiring a specialist who can develop a customized instructional program in an effective way
  • Focusing on content
  • Not having to deal with peer pressure or bullying due to a special learning need
  • Having to be more patient than you would with children without special learning needs
  • Having to be more imaginative when it comes to creating engaging learning content
  • Needing to adjust to the higher cost of homeschooling education because you will probably need to hire a tutor, educational expert, or learning specialist

Do You Need To Inform Your School District Before Starting To Homeschool?

Most states mandate parents to send a letter of intent to homeschool to the superintendent of their school district. It does create additional paperwork to an already complicated and demanding process, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. DoNotPay is at your service for creating this document!

DoNotPay Generates a Letter of Intent for You in the Blink of an Eye

If you choose to use DoNotPay to create a letter of intent, you’ve selected a straightforward way to handle the task. We will make sure the letter contains all the necessary information and meets the requirements of your school district.

We can send this document on your behalf, or you can download the PDF and mail it yourself. If you wish, you can also get the letter of intent notarized with DoNotPay’s help.

To access these neat features, you should:

  1. Choose the Notice of Intent To Homeschool product
  2. Provide us with relevant info about your school district
  3. Answer several questions about you and your child

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