The Cost of Homeschooling vs. Public School—A Detailed Comparison

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Compare the Cost of Homeschooling vs. Public School With DoNotPay

Steering your child’s educational path is a demanding task. You need to get fully informed about the process if you’d like to choose an optimal course of action for your kid.

In case you’re wondering whether you should homeschool your child or let them stay in public school, you should analyze both educational options.

Since education is not free of charge, you should also compare the cost of homeschooling vs. public school to determine which option fits your budget.

The Cost of Homeschooling vs. Public School

While many believe that enrolling your child in public school is free, it’s not true. You’ll have to set up a budget even if you opt for this less expensive option.

To understand what expenses you need to take into account when preparing the budget for your child’s forthcoming education, you should check out the breakdown of:

  1. The cost of public school
  2. The cost of homeschooling

Public School Expenses

Here’s a list of various costs families need to cover when sending their kid to public school:

  • Home equipment—For your child to be able to do research and complete assignments, you should provide:
    • A computer
    • Stable internet connection
    • A printer
  • Extracurricular activities—While public schools provide their students with free sports teams, art and science associations, and other activities, parents still need to pay for uniforms and costumes and cover associated costs
  • Childcare—Since many parents stay at work after their children finish the school day, they might need to include after-school care. Depending on your city, you can end up paying more than $3,500 per year for this service
  • Tutoring—If your child needs help with particular subjects or college preparation, you might have to hire a tutor. The sessions can go from $25 to more than $150

The Cost of Homeschooling Your Child

While homeschool parents spend about $600 per child every year, this amount can be significantly higher depending on the family, student’s age, and other factors.

Take a look at the following table to see what can affect the total cost of home-based education:

The Cost of HomeschoolingDetails
CurriculumParents need to select a homeschool curriculum to:
  • Teach their child at home
  • Keep track of their kid’s progress in different subjects

Depending on what curriculum a family chooses or creates, it can cost from $50 to more than $500

Extracurricular activitiesHomeschool children need to take part in extracurricular activities. While some public schools let homeschool students join their sports, art, and other groups free of charge, other activities come at a cost, including:
  • Private lessons
  • Museums
  • Theatre
  • Zoos
Membership in homeschool organizationsFamilies often join homeschool associations, co-ops, and groups since parents need to:
  • Get support
  • Attend relevant conferences to learn about available curriculums, resources, and materials
  • Connect with other homeschooling families in their area to exchange experiences
  • Be in the loop about state laws and additional homeschooling requirements
Homeschool teachers
  • If you need help with homeschooling your child, you could hire a teacher whose hourly rate can go from $26 to more than $40

Homeschooling vs. Public School

When comparing homeschool and public school, the cost is just one of the aspects you’ll need to consider along with:

  • Your kid’s needs—Some children:
    • Thrive in a more flexible learning environment that homeschooling offers
    • Don’t feel comfortable in public schools, especially students with anxiety, autism, or special needs
  • The whole family’s specific circumstances—Homeschooling might be challenging if:

Keep in mind that homeschooling requirements depend on the state you reside in. Some U.S. states have:

How To Start Homeschooling Your Kid

To withdraw your child from public school and start homeschooling, you may need to draw up a letter of intent to homeschool to notify your school district of your intent to homeschool.

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