What University of Houston Scholarships Should You Apply For? Let DoNotPay Guide You

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How To Get the Most Out of the University of Houston Scholarships

The University of Houston (U of H, or UH) in Texas offers over 280 degree programs across multiple disciplines, but the overall tuition costs can cause a great financial setback. Many undergraduate students are forced to consider unfriendly loans or back-breaking part-time jobs to cope with the rising course fees and living expenses throughout college.

Getting an education won’t be a financial burden with University of Houston scholarships and grants to boost your funds, but you need to ensure you’re applying to the right ones. If you’re confused about which UH financial aid option can work for you—DoNotPay can narrow down your options in a jiffy!

Categories of Scholarships at the University of Houston

You can find dozens of scholarships at the University of Houston every year, but it’s a pain to figure out which ones are for you.

Currently, you can find UH scholarships or grants classified under the following four categories:

  1. Majors
  2. Funding source
  3. Advanced research and studies
  4. Student transfer

You should browse through the available options for each of the above categories to ensure that you’re not missing out on relevant scholarships.

The University of Houston Scholarships Based on a College Major

The University of Houston has 14 different schools on campus, all offering short-term or long-term college scholarships to promising students. Depending on your choice of major, you can look for UH scholarships offered by:

  1. C.T. Bauer College of Business
  2. Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  3. Cullen College of Engineering
  4. University of Houston Law Center
  5. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  6. College of Technology
  7. College of Optometry
  8. College of Pharmacy
  9. College of Nursing
  10. College of Social Work
  11. Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
  12. The Honors College
  13. College of Education
  14. College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

You can apply for these scholarships as a high school senior or incoming freshman or if you change majors during your sophomore year.

Understand UH Scholarships Based on the Funding Source

The UH students have access to scholarships funded by a variety of sources—you can check them out in the table below:

Source of ScholarshipDetails and Examples
University-funded merit scholarships
  • They are offered by various departments in the university and can be partial or full-ride scholarships
  • You need to have a high SAT score and class rank, as well as an unweighted GPA higher than 3.00, to be eligible for merit scholarships
  • Examples:
    • UH Academic Excellence Scholarship
    • National Merit Finalist Scholarship
Endowed scholarships
  • Endowment scholarships are awarded annually from the funds donated by benefactors (an individual or an organization)
  • Each endowment scholarship has its own set of eligibility requirements—they can be need- or merit-based
  • Examples:
    • The Aldredge Family Scholarship Endowment
    • The Woman’s Club of Houston Scholarship
    • Astronaut/Space Studies Scholarship Endowment
    • Carole and Jim Hegenbarth Scholarship for first-generation students
Privately funded scholarships
  • UH’s privately funded scholarships are issued by foundations promoting a specific heritage or geographic background
  • Scholarships are available for students who are Hispanics, Filipinos, Indians, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Catholics, Christians, or Jews—or belong to any other minority group
  • UH also offers great funding options to international students
  • Private scholarships are unpredictable and may not be available if the source organization refuses to release funds
  • Examples:
    • Bangladesh America Literary Scholarships
    • Diamond Family Scholars Program for foster youth
State-funded scholarships
  • State-funded scholarships are only awarded to UH students who are Texas residents
  • Examples:
    • Fifth Year Accounting Student Scholarship Program
    • Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program
    • Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Scholarships

UH Scholarships for Advanced Research and Studies

The University of Houston offers advanced research scholarships. They require you to research under the leadership of a university mentor for a stipend. You cannot qualify for any research scholarship more than once. Some examples include:

University of Houston Scholarships Available for Transfer Students

Transfer students are ineligible for University of Houston freshman scholarships. They can apply for the following:

  1. Transfer Excellence Scholarship
  2. Transfer Achievement Scholarship

You need a 3.00 GPA (on a four-point scale) to qualify for both scholarships, along with sufficient transferable credit hours and recommendation letters from your previous educators.

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