How To Avoid Visiting a Notary in Woodland Hills in Person

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Quick Ways To Book a Notary in Woodland Hills

Visiting a notary in Woodland Hills, CA, in person isn’t the only way to get a document notarized. If you need a super quick and efficient way to book a notary, online notarization is an ideal choice.

and use our app to schedule a meeting with a remote notary in minutes!

What Does a Notary in Woodland Hills Do?

A notary in Woodland Hills is an independent official appointed to witness the signing of documents and verify signers’ identities, but there is more a notary in California can do. Here are some of the additional tasks they perform:

  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer oaths
  • Certify copies of documents
  • Make sure the signer isn’t forced to sign the papers or under the influence during the signing

Notaries in Woodland Hills can notarize different documents, including wills, trusts, affidavits, , car titles, contracts, and much more.

The Standard Notary Procedure Explained

If you want to get a document notarized in Woodland Hills the traditional way, you’ll have to visit a notary in person. This requires you to complete numerous steps. Check out the list below to see what the standard notarization process entails:

  1. Finding a notary
  2. Asking about notary and cancellation fees
  3. Setting up the appointment
  4. Preparing the documents for notarization
  5. Bringing your ID
  6. Going to the meeting in person
  7. Signing the documents
  8. Paying the fees
  9. Finalizing the procedure

Although this notarization method works, it is time-consuming and often troublesome. If you forget a document or proof of identity or if your docs don't meet the required standards, you won’t be able to complete the process, and a notary will ask you to come back another time.

Find a Notary in Woodland Hills

Locating a notary can drag on forever, so to speed up the search, we present you the specialized websites and public places where you may find notary services:

WebsitesPublic Places

Notary in Woodland Hills—Fees

Notaries in California are allowed to charge a maximum fee of $15 per notarization, but it doesn’t include the costs of additional signatures or mobile notary travel fees.

Mobile notaries charge up to $50 for travel expenses during regular business hours. For after-hours service, the cost gets higher. The good news is that every sixth signature is free of charge.

Other Notary Services in Woodland Hills

The traditional in-person notary service isn’t your only option. Check out the table below to see the alternative methods you can choose:

Notarization Method


Mobile notary serviceA mobile notary meets you at any location you’d like. They notarize your documents on the spot and charge additional travel fees
Online notary serviceAn online notary hosts a video meeting to witness the signing process and adds a digital stamp and signature
Electronic notary serviceAn electronic notary meets you at their office and notarizes documents in digital format using a digital stamp and signature
Notary signing agentsA notary signing agent mostly deals with notarizing loan documents. You can find one using the online registries provided above

Book a Remote Notary in Woodland Hills With DoNotPay Stat!

DoNotPay jumps in with a step-by-step guide to booking a remote notary in a few minutes! We made our service available to everyone throughout the U.S., no matter if remote online notarization (RON) is allowed in your state or not!

If your state doesn’t allow RON, we’ll help you book a meeting with a notary from another state, and you’ll get your documents notarized easily. Don't worry—the notarization will be valid! The best part is that we're available 24-hours a day!

All you have to do is complete the following steps, and you’re golden:

  1. Choose the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Provide your documents and email address

We’ll send you a link with available slots by email, and you can pick the time convenient for you!

A notary will witness the signing via video call, and you will both add digital signatures at the end.

Find an Answer to Any Notary-Related Question

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