Does a Living Will Need To Be Notarized?

Notarize Documents Does a Living Will Need To Be Notarized?

Does a Living Will Need To Be Notarized? DoNotPay Has the Answer!

When dealing with legal documents, you need to know how to notarize a document and if it is necessary to get it notarized. Does a living will need to be notarized? DoNotPay has the answer to that question! We also know all about the easiest way of notarizing legal documents.

What Is a Living Will, and How Does It Differ From a Last Will?

A living will—also known as a directive to physicians—is a legal document that allows individuals to state their wishes regarding medical treatment in case they cannot express them later. The last will (testament) is a document that deals with a person's wishes on how their estate and finances are disposed of after they are no longer alive.

The main difference between the two would be that a living will has no power after death.

Does a Living Will Need To Be Notarized?

Rules regarding a living will and whether it requires notarization to become official may differ from state to state. In California, for example, you need to sign the document along with two other witnesses or get it notarized.

It is smart to consult an attorney before you notarize your living will because even a small deviation from state law can invalidate it. The requirement for notarizing a living will the traditional way requires the signer to go to the notary’s office, which is not the most convenient option.

If you do decide to notarize a living will, you should consider an online notarization option. This way of notarizing documents is easily accessible and comes with many conveniences—no more printing paperwork, driving to a notary’s office, or wasting time in stuffy waiting rooms!

What Other Documents Should Be Notarized?

Like wills, there are other legal documents that you need to take to a notary to make them official. You should consider notarizing a:

  • Real estate deed
  • Trust
  • Power of attorney form
  • Affidavit
  • Loan documents

Notarization rules and regulations also differ throughout the states, so you should always become acquainted with the state-specifics. DoNotPay has guides on notarization processes in Utah, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, and other locations.

Where Can You Get a Living Will Notarized?

To notarize a living will, you first need to find a notary. There are a few options at your disposal, and you can check them out in the table below:

Public PlacesOnline Registries
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Public libraries
  • Tax preparation firms
  • Money transfer stores
  • Insurance agents
  • AAA stores
  • Police departments
  • Law offices
  • Office supply stores
  • Accountant offices
  • Banks
  • Real estate agents

How Does a Notarization Process Work?

The traditional way of notarizing a document is quite time-consuming and consists of multiple steps:

  1. Finding a notary
  2. Scheduling an appointment
  3. Going to the notary office in person (or arranging with a mobile notary to come to your house)
  4. Paying necessary fees
  5. Providing required documents
  6. Signing the document 
  7. Getting a notarized signature and seal

Online notarization is a much simpler option that is especially useful during the global pandemic. It is a practical way of notarizing documents that will save you a lot of time. Your best bet for finding an online notary is DoNotPay!

Notarize a Living Will With DoNotPay’s Assistance

If you decide to use DonotPay to notarize a document, you won’t have to wonder whether you’ll find a notary because we’ll do it for you. Our app will match you with a remote notary who is able to notarize living wills. We will also help you schedule your online notary appointment.

To get to this useful feature, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in a web browser of your choice
  2. Find and open the Notarize Any Document product
  3. Upload the document you want to get notarized
  4. Enter your email address

You will get an email with a link to set up your notary appointment. Everything will be handled virtually, and the notary will verify your signature.

DoNotPay has another feature that can make your life easier—creating legal documents in a few clicks!

Draw Up Legal Documents With DoNotpay!

To draw up a legal document of your choice with DoNotPay, you only need to open our Standardized Legal Documents product. You can create any of the documents in the table below:

Real EstateBusiness AgreementsMiscellaneous

In addition to generating the documents listed in the table, you can also count on DoNotPay to get information about other legal documents. Here are some of our guides:

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