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How To Convince Your Parents To Be Homeschooled

Are you interested in home education but don’t know how to start that conversation with your family? Read DoNotPay’s guidelines on how to convince your parents to be homeschooled. We’ll help you prepare your talking points by providing insight into the lifestyle. Follow these tips and prepare for your big talk!

Be Open About Your Reasons

If you want to get your parents to homeschool you, you’ll have to provide a solid argument. Pinpoint the reason why you want to be removed from school, and communicate it to your family members.

You can also look into the most common reasons why other families choose to homeschool, such as:

  1. Religious freedom—Families who feel secular education isn’t right for their children often turn to religious homeschooling. If your parents are devout Christians, for example, they might enjoy the idea of Bible-centric studies and a faith-based curriculum
  2. Trouble at school—Bullying, drug abuse, and other problematic behavior are common issues in traditional schools. Many parents choose to teach at home out of concern for their child’s safety, and yours are probably no different
  3. Health issues—Homeschooling is a more comfortable option for children with chronic conditions. It’s also easier to create a favorable environment for students with special needs and mental health issues. Talk to your parents if you have any physical or emotional ailments that homeschooling could help alleviate
  4. Adjustable schedule—Families who homeschool have more flexibility since they’re not limited by the school year calendar. If your parents are on the fence about homeschooling, the adjustable schedule might win them over

Research the Ins and Outs of Homeschooling Together

Figuring out how to convince your parents to homeschool you will probably take time. Since home education is a family endeavor, try researching the following aspects of homeschooling together:

  • Local homeschool laws—Each state implements different rules and regulations, and some are more lenient toward homeschooling families than others. Research the local legislation in your area with your parents to avoid potential penalties
  • Potential curriculum requirements—Coming up with a lesson plan is the duty of the parent or homeschool teacher, but sometimes, there’s a list of obligatory subjects. You may also be required to maintain a certain number of homeschool hours per year
  • The cost of homeschool—Most states don’t provide homeschoolers with textbooks or learning materials. It’s possible to apply for financial aid in some places, but the overall cost of homeschooling is your parents’ responsibility

Familiarize Yourselves With the Standard Homeschool Requirements

You can also check out the table below for an overview of the most common homeschool requirements:

Homeschool RequirementsDescription
Keeping recordsParents should keep comprehensive homeschool transcripts to record their child’s progress. The files typically include the following data:
  • Information about the student
  • Details about the curriculum
  • Completed grade level
  • Test scores and grades
  • Immunization records

Most post-secondary institutions recognize homeschool portfolios as proof of completed education

Homeschool operator qualificationsParents rarely need extensive qualifications to homeschool their children. A high school diploma or GED is typically enough, but occasionally, parents have to get certified to teach
Learning assessmentsHomeschooled students are mostly exempt from standardized testing, but alternative learning assessments are recommendable
Graduation requirementsIt’s advisable to look into the enrollment policies of prospective colleges since not all high school programs are universally acclaimed. Some families use an accredited homeschool curriculum for that reason
Homeschool diplomaThe parents issue a diploma at the end of the homeschool program. In Florida, parents file a homeschool completion affidavit that’s equal to a public or private school diploma

Master the First Steps of Homeschooling

To get the upper hand, you can familiarize yourself with the homeschool enrollment procedure in your area. The steps can vary from state to state, but homeschool typically begins by:

  1. Composing a letter of intent to homeschool
  2. Getting it notarized
  3. Filing the document to the school district superintendent

A declaration of intent to homeschool (i.e., a homeschool affidavit) includes the following information:

  • The student’s name and date of birth
  • The homeschool address
  • Information about the homeschool operator (parent, guardian, or a third party)
  • Curriculum overview

Your parents will probably have a deadline for submitting the affidavit, especially if they’re pulling you out of school halfway through the year. To win them over, you can prepare the paperwork yourself by:

  • Downloading a template from the Department of Education website of your state
  • Acquiring a form from a homeschool organization

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