Learn All About Finding a Notary in Carlisle, PA

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All About Finding a Notary in Carlisle, PA

When getting your documents notarized in Pennsylvania, it’s crucial to get familiar with specific notarization rules proposed by the state. If you are looking for a notary in Carlisle, PA, this guide is all you need. to learn how to avoid the bureaucratic hassle and set an appointment with a notary in less than five minutes!

What Can Notary Publics in Carlisle Do?

As per Title 57 of Pennsylvania Statutes, all notaries in this state can perform the following acts:

What To Expect From the Notarization Procedure?

During the notarization procedure, the officials must:

  1. Confirm your identity by checking your ID, driver’s license, passport, or any other document containing your photo or signature
  2. Check whether you are signing the document voluntarily and are mentally stable
  3. Be present during the signing—they must be able to hear and see the client
  4. Put their signature and stamp on the document
  5. Make a notary journal entry containing:
    1. Date and time of the notarial act in question
    2. Notarial act type
    3. Brief description of the case
    4. Methods of identification
    5. Notary fees

What Types of Notary Services Does Pennsylvania Offer?

The state offers five types of notary service to its residents:

  1. Standard notaries can be found in various organizations or facilities, such as banks, financial institutions, hotels, universities, and UPS objects. They may also run an independent office. To have your documents notarized by them, you must go to their workplace
  2. Online notaries notarize your documents remotely, during a video appointment. They put a digital stamp and signature on your document to enforce it. It’s one of the most convenient options since you don’t have to leave your home
  3. Electronic notaries require your presence at their location, but they notarize only digital copies of the documents
  4. Mobile notaries go to their clients’ preferred locations and notarize their documents there
  5. Notary signing agents usually notarize loan documents only, but unlike other notaries, they provide additional instructions and advice to their clients

What Are the Maximum Costs of Notarial Acts in Carlisle?

The Pennsylvania Department of State determines the maximum fees a notary can charge in this state. The officials have the right to set their prices as long as the costs don’t exceed the proposed amounts.

Here’s a list of the most common notarial acts performed in Carlisle and the imposed maximum prices:

Notarial ActsMaximum Notary Costs
Oaths and affirmations$5.00
Affidavits$5.00 (regardless of the number of signatures)
Acknowledgments$5.00 for the first name and $2.00 for each additional name
Certificates$5.00 per certified copy
Depositions$3.00 per page
Witnessing a signature$5.00 per signature
Protests$3.00 per page

Some additional costs may include travel or postage fees, which are considered clerical and are not limited by the state.

Use DoNotPay To Get a Notary’s Signature in a Snap!

The notarization procedure doesn’t have to be a daunting and time-consuming experience for you. DoNotPay helps you match with notaries that operate 24/7 and notarize your documents remotely. The service lets you:

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  • Get your documents notarized from home using any preferred device
  • Avoid fuel and travel expenses

The procedure can’t be simpler. All you should do is:

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When you receive an email from us, follow the link and pick the most convenient time for your online appointment with a notary.

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