Learn How To Get a Child Medical Consent Form Notarized

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Get Your Child Medical Consent Form Notarized Without a Hitch

Getting a document notarized can be a daunting process. If you need to get a child medical consent form notarized, we’ll show you how to do it smoothly.

DoNotPay provides an insight into various notary services you can easily use no matter what state you live in.

Medical Treatment of Minors Can Turn Into a Major Problem

You might think that hospitals must provide medical treatment to anyone who walks through the door with injuries or health issues. It isn’t the case, though, especially not for minors.

If your child falls when playing and suffers a concussion, doctors will have to wait for you to show up at the hospital before proceeding with the treatment. You should be aware that most emergency rooms and medical centers won’t treat a minor unless:

  1. A parent is present
  2. A child medical consent form is presented
  3. The child's life is in danger

A child medical consent form serves as medical power of attorney giving your children’s caregivers the power to make decisions until you can take over.

When To Prepare a Child Medical Consent Form

You should prepare a child medical consent form—also called a medical release form—if your children spend time with other people in your absence. Do they have a babysitter or go to a kindergarten or school?

As most children can’t stay with their parents all the time, you should make sure to:

  • Transfer the decision-making to children’s other caregivers
  • Describe your wishes about potential medical treatment clearly

A child medical consent form is a way you can do the aforementioned and ensure your children will be given adequate medical treatment in case:

  • You are unavailable
  • There is an emergency

Children can get hurt or experience a severe allergic reaction when staying with their nanny, grandparents, or anyone else. If these people take your injured child to a hospital without a medical consent form, the child might not get proper care.

A child medical consent form:

  • Gives your clear consent for your hurt child to get medical treatment
  • Ensures your children are protected and taken care of when you’re not around
  • Makes it easy for other caregivers, doctors, and other involved parties to deal with a stressful medical situation

How To Prepare and Get a Child Medical Consent Form Notarized

Here’s what you should do when preparing a child medical consent form:

Prepare the FormFind a Notary
  1. Gather relevant information, such as medical history, birthdates, insurance information
  2. Find a medical consent form—some hospitals offer it on their websites
  3. Print out a few copies of the form for each child
  4. Complete the form—make sure you include all relevant information you’d like medical professionals to know
  5. Find a notary—don’t sign the copies before setting up an appointment since the notary needs to witness the signing of your consent form
  6. Get a few copies of the child medical consent form notarized (for each child)
  1. Use online notary services—!
  2. Browse through some websites, e.g.:
  3. Visit nearby places, e.g.:

You need to get a child medical consent form notarized to make it legally binding. We present the most convenient and affordable way to do it.

DoNotPay Helps You Get the Child Medical Consent Form Notarized in a Flash

With DoNotPay, you’ll dodge:

  • Searching for a notary
  • Contacting a notary’s office
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Heading to the notary’s office at the agreed time

We provide remote notary services in a few clicks— and:

  1. Choose our Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Upload any document you'd like to get notarized
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Go to your inbox and click on the link DoNotPay sent you

The link will direct you to a notary’s appointment schedule. Choose the time that suits you and meet the notary via a live video call at the agreed time.

You can get affidavits, car titles, trusts, wills, real estate deeds, and other documents notarized in a heartbeat. Save your time and energy—let our AI-driven app provide a notary for you!

What To Expect From Online Notarization?

Before meeting with the notary via a video call, you should know what to expect during the notarization. The notary will:

  1. Ask you some questions to confirm your identity
  2. Check your ID document—make sure you prepare a valid government-issued photo ID, passport, or driver’s license
  3. Verify that you’re signing a document of your own free will, i.e., that no one is forcing you
  4. Assess you’re of sound mind and not under the influence of any substances
  5. Witness the signing of the document—don’t sign any copies before the appointment
  6. Notarize all copies of the child medical consent form by placing the notary signature and stamp—prepare enough copies to get notarized

If you share custody over your children, you should have the form notarized together with the other party, i.e., your (ex-)spouse.

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